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    Public ownership of railroads

    The railroads will not part with profitable freight lines. Also, there are more miles of track that have been abandoned then being used. The U.S. government could take these abandoned lines for nothing and run government rail coast to coast. There is no need to seize private railroad tracks.
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    MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) discussion

    Maybe it just old age but I remember when Alwife was a brand new station. It's only 34 years old. Now it is up for demolition? I also remember when all the Quincy stations were built they didn't last very long either. I guess parking garages only have a 30 year life. I'm fine with tearing...
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    Article questions VIA direction

    5 hour travel time between city pairs is reasonable for business and factoring in the airport hassles the train is a good alternative.
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    Article questions VIA direction

    "five-hour trip between Montreal and Toronto", I looked it up and that is the fast train. The other trains that connect through Ottawa are 7 to 8 hours in travel time. For perspective, Toronto is 330 miles from Montreal. Boston to NY on Amtrak can be as fast as 3 hours 50 minutes to as slow...
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    Auto Train service expansion?

    A fellow snowbird but from the Northeast however. There is a large Midwest contingent on both coast of Florida. The ones I know are in southwest Florida. I take my parents to Florida down and back every year on the Auto Train. I still have to drive 4 hours to the final destination from...
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    VIA Ocean discussion

    The loop does exist but the owner of the shipyard that contains the loop has gotten too busy and crowded and could no longer accommodate the disruption of VIA turning their train. I deduced that the owner of the shipyard was looking for more money from VIA and VIA declined.
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    VIA Ocean discussion

    Once the Park car is turned the position of the coaches and sleepers can be swapped by splitting the train.
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    VIA Ocean discussion

    The turn table is still there at the CN yard over by the Fairview Lawn Cemetery. It is about 4 miles from the Halifax train station. Not sure if it is in working condition.
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    Amtrak wins takeover of Washington Union Station

    Union Station after 7pm is like the movie "Night of the Living Dead". The zombies freely roam about the station.
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    Where to find Amtrak Alerts and Notices

    Amtrak alerts and Amtrak Northeast are both active on twitter or X
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    Amtrak Dining and Cafe Service discussion 2024 H1

    I have been offered cafe food on the LSL and Silver's in the diner car as a substitution.
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    Amtrak Dining and Cafe Service discussion 2024 H1

    Be careful what you wish for.
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    MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) discussion

    I remember that shutdown. It was for one day in December 1980 because the MBTA had run out of funding. Ed King called in the national guard. I also remember the Boston and Main Strike on the commuter rail about 2 months later in 1981. That lasted 2 weeks.
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    Interesting facts and notes in old railroad magazines

    This happens in industry all the time even today. It's like the fable of the scorpion and the frog crossing the river. I started out in the computer mainframe industry and saw its demise mostly caused by fiber optics. IBM touted the installation of fiber optics because it speed up information...
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    The economics of budget airlines don't make sense

    According to the most recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, airline pilots average 75 flight hours per month. The CFRs limit Part 121 pilots to 100 flight hours per calendar month and 30 hours in any seven consecutive days. They work an additional 150 hours per month performing other...
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    The economics of budget airlines don't make sense

    I have found the cost of car rentals downtown are usually more money. I don't travel to Denver and Atlanta but the major Northeast cities and Florida typically have cheaper prices at the airport. But the real problem with downtown located car rentals are the limited business hours. This is a...
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    Can Private Railroads operate passenger service without government help?

    Via Rail essentially does this with the Canadian. It does have coach class but that ticket costs $500 one way and doesn't include meals. A sleeper ticket in a berth starts at $800, a roomette for one is $1600. All sleeper accommodations are always sold out. It only runs twice a week and it...
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    Northeast Regional discussion 2022-2024 H1

    This wouldn't bother me but some passengers won't like riding "backwards"
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    Trapped on train at CUS?

    How many conductors were on the train when it was moved to the yard?