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  1. Bob Dylan

    Texas Eagle discussion H2 2024

    Most LSAs are very good @ accomodating groups or special requests for seating in the Diner. The LSAs on the Pacific Parlor Car on the Starlight were very good about making reservations like this. On the way to the Portland Gathering, the entire Group of AUers aboard were seated in the very...
  2. Bob Dylan

    How many crews/trainsets are required to run the long haul routes?

    They get a per diem and hotel paid for, but are not Paid the Hourly Rate they receive while on Trains. I've heard mention of a layover stipend, but not positive that's correct. Any Amtrak Employees care to comment??
  3. Bob Dylan

    Southwest Chief discussion Q4 2023 - 2024

    In cases like this the 2 SCAs would each take 1/2 of the 3rd Sleeper.
  4. Bob Dylan

    Texas Eagle discussion H2 2024

    Due to a Freight Derailment North of Austin and Freight Congestion on Wed 7/18, #22 and #21 will be Bustitued between Ft. Worth ( FTW)and San Antonio( SAS). #22 (7/18) is currently stopped in San Marcos ( 9 AM CDT)and #21(7/17) is running 2 Hours Late in East Texas due to Slow Orders ( Heat)...
  5. Bob Dylan

    Texas Eagle discussion H2 2024

    With the current Poor Time Keeping on the Sunset and Eaglete Routes due to Slow Orders due to Heat,Equipment Problems and Freight Congestion, your chances of seeing the High Bridge Crossing in Daylight are 110%!!!
  6. Bob Dylan

    Meeting up with my sister a station after she boards -- how do I find her car?

    Only Conductors on the Empire Service Trains, no OBS except LSA in the Cafe.
  7. Bob Dylan

    Greetings Fellow Rail-riders

    Small world! My first LD Train ride as a Baby, was from Alpine,TX to Salina in 1945 to visit my Great Grandparents ( my Grandmother grew up in Salina)with my Parents, before my dad went to Tinian with his B-29. I don't remember the trip ( I was 1)but my parents would talk about this trip thru...
  8. Bob Dylan

    VIA Ocean discussion

    Sounds like the Canadian's usual time keeping!😱
  9. Bob Dylan

    Chicago Union Station discussion

    Gold Coast Dogs, was my go to @ Union Station Food Court!
  10. Bob Dylan

    California Zephyr discussion 2024 H2

    All Amtrak LD Routes that have their last Scheduled Meal close to the Terminal Arrival Time use Limited Menus and Early Service Times since the Crews are not paid once the Train hits the Stop @ the end of the Trip, and they have to do inventory and clean up before arrival into the Terminal.
  11. Bob Dylan

    Combining points and cash

    Yep, that works, but I suggest you call AGR instead of booking on line, since you can pick your room( using points for Coach is not value concious) and get assistance from a more knowledgeable agent than the usual Amtrak phone agents!
  12. Bob Dylan

    Departing from a different station to that ticketed

    Does Portland still scan Coach Passenger tickets inside the Station @ a kiosk before boarding? I haven't been there since before the Pandemic, so am curios!
  13. Bob Dylan

    FRA Long Distance Service Study discussion

    Atlanta was one.
  14. Bob Dylan

    Amtrak Dining and Cafe Service discussion 2024 H1

    On lots of trips on the Eaglete I've taken to Chicago, they have served a limited menu "Lunch" around Springfield since the Train is usually running Late to Very Late. I haven't taken the Eagle North of Dallas since the Pandemic "Cut backs" gutted this Train, so not sure if this still occurs????🤔
  15. Bob Dylan

    Southwest Chief discussion Q4 2023 - 2024

    Congrats, but that's still pretty Pricey considering you can book nice Cruises, Fy to Australia,Asia or Europe RT with 7 day Packages for for Less, and in 1st Class on most LD Flights within the US!
  16. Bob Dylan

    Cardinal discussion

    Pittsburgh has been improved alot in the past year, ( it can still ger better)while Indy remains a dump, probably the worst Amtrak Station in a Big City!
  17. Bob Dylan

    Transfer options at the end of the journey

    I'll add Dallas and Ft Worth as Stations that have easy access to Public Transportation( Rail,Bus and Ride Share). They've come a long way!😊
  18. Bob Dylan

    Auto Train discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    Supply and Demand, plus the Time of Year are the reasons! In Jan, people want to go South , not North, so the Florida Trains are always Full with High Bucket Fares!
  19. Bob Dylan

    Cardinal discussion

    Typical Amtrak info where the Left Hand doesn't know what the Right is doing!🤪
  20. Bob Dylan

    Guaranteed cononections/separate reservations

    I suggest that you look into using Hostels to break up your nights in Coach,especially in Major Cities.( the Hostel Iternational on Congress in Chicago is especially nice and reasonable now that Hotel Rates have become so Pricey)