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  1. Dovecote

    AGR Bonus Points

    My wife received the offer but not me. Certainly seems targeted! Her offer was also 2000 points for $1000 spend. My upcoming full year auto insurance at $926 (plus change) is destined to be charged with my wife's BOA card!
  2. Dovecote

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    In my case with the AGR agents I basically had to tell them about this new refund policy. I honestly feel they were unfamiliar with this new edict had I not have mentioned it to each of the agents. Be prepared to have that press release available for discussion.
  3. Dovecote

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    A happening ending. My penalty points were reposted to my account. 03/03/2020 Amtrak Travel Redemption - Manual Adjustment Adjustments 1,622 03/03/2020 Point Redeposit Penalty for travel redemption - Adjustments -1,622
  4. Dovecote

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Hello To All, It has been awhile since my last post. I have been a lurker for the past year and a half. Family issues have kept me from traveling and participating in the forum. I can add some insight though to this question after cancelling an existing AGR reservation this morning. The...
  5. Dovecote

    Alan Burden (AlanB)

    So sorry to hear the news. My condolences to the Burden Family. It goes without saying that he was loved by many and will be surely missed.
  6. Dovecote

    Bill Haithcoat's Health Condition

    Sorry to hear about this sad news as well. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Bill on two occasions when my Amtrak itinerary began at the Atlanta station. He was enthusiastically waiting for me at the station. We had informative discussions while waiting for the train to arrive. Farewell...
  7. Dovecote

    Menu Changes (October 2017)

    Although a bit of topic, I was on the LSL a few weeks ago. I was surprised that the side garden salad was discontinued and plastic utensils are now used for the meals. How long has this been going on?
  8. Dovecote

    Harpers Ferry

    I lived in Harpers Ferry from 2002-2010. Back then it would be normal protocol for westbound passengers to go under the tunnel on the station side and use the tracks on the platform across from the station. I doubt this protocol has changed. However there were occasions when westbound...
  9. Dovecote

    Should I Modify My Reservation? Three Passengers to Two Passengers

    Thanks for all the input. Modification day will be after Labor Day in order to receive an evoucher. Also, the no-show passenger was traveling on a senior fare. The mobility challenged person (my 92 year old mother) is accompanying me to a family wedding.
  10. Dovecote

    Should I Modify My Reservation? Three Passengers to Two Passengers

    I currently have a NYP>ROC reservation (and a separate return) on the LSL in the H-Room at the low bucket rate. The reservation shows three passengers but will in reality have only two passengers traveling. The third passenger will not be able to take the trip. If the reservation is...
  11. Dovecote

    What is going on with the Lake Shore Limited (mainly Boston Section)

    Sorry to hear of the issues you experienced. The baggage guy comments were more than likely his way of trolling for a tip. Like he was doing you a favor not charging you! Regarding your trip, was the consist still operating with a dinerlite? I have an upcoming round-trip NYP>ROC trip in...
  12. Dovecote

    Auto Train Discounts - Passenger w/ Disabilities (and Companion)

    Let me clarify that this past May I booked a northbound Sept Auto Train trip with an Amtrak agent. I informed the agent of my wife's mobility issues (wheelchair not required) and asked if she and I would be eligible for the "passenger and companion disability discount". The agent said we...
  13. Dovecote

    Auto Train Discounts - Passenger w/ Disabilities (and Companion)

    According to the latest info on Amtrak's website, on the Auto Train, only passengers traveling with their own wheeled mobility device (wheelchair or scooter) qualify for the passengers with disability discount. Does anyone know if this is a recent policy change? Back in May I booked a trip and...
  14. Dovecote

    Double TQP Offer Time

    I did not receive the offer but my wife did. She is Select status but has yet to earn any TQP's yet this year. Maybe this was the reason for receiving the offer as an incentive to travel.
  15. Dovecote

    AGR Credit Card Compromised

    FWIW, both my wife and my own BOA AGR credit card current accounts have been closed and new cards are being mailed. The email notification states "We're letting you know your card may have been part of a compromise at an undisclosed merchant. This doesn't mean that fraud has or will occur on...
  16. Dovecote

    Best time to buy AutoTrain tickets for a mid-July trip?

    I use AmSnag as well and specifically signup for the Fare Watch notifier. When the rates are at low bucket I will book the fare. Just recently I booked a northbound trip at low bucket for travel in mid September. The low bucket rates are as follows: Coach $95, Roomette $149, and Vehicle $198.
  17. Dovecote

    H-room bucket separate?

    FWIW---I just booked travel in a H Room and received the 15% discount off the $91 roomette low bucket fare. The accommodation charge turned out being $77.35.
  18. Dovecote

    Long Term Parking - Picayune

    UPDATE #2 - I just completed another round trip from Picayune. Parked again at the same nearby hotel with disastrous results this time. Vandals smashed the rear passenger window and rummaged the inside. Another vehicle was vandalized as well. Perhaps the station lot would have been better...
  19. Dovecote

    Lodging Near Rochester (NY)

    In September, will be arriving in Rochester on the westbound Lake Shore Limited. Scheduled arrival is around 11:00 PM. Any suggestions on nearby lodging would be appreciated.
  20. Dovecote

    Celebrities on Amtrak

    I will now add Matthew Modine to my list! He was on the northbound Crescent yesterday. What a truly nice down to earth gentleman. My wife and I were fortunate to have him seated with us for both breakfast and supper. We had nice general conversations with him. He was very friendly to all of...
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