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    The Florida Keys

    Freak, Drive down to Ft Myers and take the ferry. Its a nice ride and not too expensive.
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    Buffalo to Tampa - how much time to allow for poss. delays?

    Hi Alice, If your catching a cruise I highly suggest you arrive the day before. A delay of a few hours will cause you to miss your ship. Here is a link from the convention and visitors bureau in Tampa with hotel/cruise packages. I guess your going on either the Legend or Ryndam. I'll be cruising...
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    Which station has the best restrooms?

    Why Tampa of course! :rolleyes: The station , along with the bathrooms was refurbished a few years ago. They are clean, not very busy, and aside from a little pealing paint are in good shape. Mark
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    Hotel in NYC This hotel is on Riverside Dr and 80th St. Its in a great neighborhood, and Its 3 blocks from the subway(Its across the street from the park where Tom Hanks kissed Meg Ryan in "You've got Mail". The rooms are small and haven't been refurbished in...
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    Sold out trains

    [The day room between TPA and South Florida is usually $57. They were available on my south bound trip even though coach was sold out. I'm not sure if you can buy a coach ticket on a sold out train if you sit in the lounge. If you have a Florida Rail Pass you CAN sit in the lounge. By the way...
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    Sold out trains

    I traveled on the Star, southbound out of Tampa last Thursday and northbound on Sunday out of Ft Lauderdale There were approx. 75 pax getting on in Tampa, and I had to sit in the Lounge. The train was jam packed! On the return I was able to get a seat in coach, but when we got to West Palm...
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    Florida train pass

    Is the $239 fee for the Florida Train Pass eligIble for AGR POINTS.
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    On Time Silver Service

    I traveled TPA-JAX this weekend using both Meteor and Star. And they were both early! When I asked the Martz thruway bus driver how often does she have to wait for late arrivals she told me they are now usually on time, and often early! She does this route a few days a week so there must be...
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    Transportation in Jacksonville

    I'm taking a weekend trip using my railpass May 17-18 tpa-jax and return. I'm staying at the Holiday Inn Jax Airport. Can someone tell me if there is an alternative to a taxi to get to the hotel?
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    Florida Short Trips

    I'm going to go for a quickie ride on May 17-18 tpa-orl-jax-tpa. I'll spend a night in a Jax hotel. I want to use that Florida rail pass sitting in my desk draw.
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    How many of you...

    When I was 3 years old I lived in Coney Island, near all the amusement rides. My uncle operated the kiddie choo choo train. My mother would put me on the train in the morning and I would go around in circles all day. I loved it and have been crazy about trains ever since. :lol:
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    What Does Your Forum User Name Mean?

    Tourlink was the name of my bus and tour company. We provided charter and group tour services and also specialized in group tours.
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    TPA-ORL, Silver Star

    Great report! Just to let you know that the run down train sheds are being repaired/replaced as we speak. The City of Tampa condemned the sheds and Amtrak is replacing them. Also those buses are not owned by Amtrak. They are operated by Martz Bus Lines and they are wrapped in Amtrak livery per...
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    My 6 y.o. grandsons first Amtrak trip!

    On March 17 I took my grandson on his first train trip. We travelled on #91 between Tampa and Fort Lauderdale. I have say the service and attitude of everyone we encountered was first rate. On the southbound trip we were right on time through out the entire trip. When the train arrived in...
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    Long term parking in Tampa?

    The enclosed lot at TUS is inside the station grounds. I also use the lot often and never have a problem. Just remember to park inside the gate, not at the outside lots.
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    The Official Onboard Sleeper Upgrade Thread

    [i was on the Star in November and tried to upgrade to roomette and the conductors in both directions told me they have to call to get the prices for onboard upgrades. Even though there were sleepers available in both directions,the price was out of their hands.
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    Where to Stay, if you have to

    You might want to try the Riverside Towers Hotel on West 80th St and Riverside Drive in N.Y.C.. Its not right by Penn Station but is an easy subway ride to get there. The neighborhood is great and the cost for a suite is $109 per night and even less for a standard room. The place is very safe...
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    Sheldon Silver and Moynihan Station

    How about Amtrak moving to Grand Central Terminal? :rolleyes: Would the cost of additional trackage be greater then the cost of a new station. Would those new tracks if needed be even possible to build in Manhattan?
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    senior discount

    I was wondering if age is checked when boarding with a senior discount! Thanks
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    Getting a Train Locomotive Ringtone

    If you have cingular, they have a steam train horn as an available ringtone. I believe it costs $2.50 Just go to their website and click on ringtones and you can easily down load it.
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