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    Chicago to New York City

    I'm a little late to this party, but I asked myself this very question last year on my blog: Which route should I take from Chicago to New York? Cheers, David
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    Ontario-Québec Corridor - Train Equipment

    I've taken a few rides on the Ontario-Québec Corridor this year and last. I've been interested in advance about which type of train equipment will be on the train I select. I haven't figured out a reliable way to tell until recently. I put together some quick instructions in a blog post. Check...
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    Bag Storage at Toronto and Vancouver

    I'll add my voice to the choir above: 1) Yes, the baggage services desk will check your bag in Toronto. While traveling in the Corridor (Windsor-Montreal in my case) with a layover, I used the baggage room to hold my luggage for $3 per bag. A second time I used the service was departing Toronto...
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    A quick trip to New York

    Thanks everyone who enjoyed the report! Diana - Enjoy the trip to Philadelphia! I think it's a pretty good route to take the Capitol Limited and the Pennsylvanian there. I've done that trip before in Coach too! greatcats - Hope the toilets work for you on your trip! Those very low temps and...
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    A quick trip to New York

    Hello, I had a fun round trip train ride from Chicago to New York. Here are my trip reports: Capitol Limited to Pittsburgh Transfer in Pittsburgh Pennsylvanian from Pittsburgh to New York Highlights of my night and day in New York Ride home on Lake Shore Limited Thanks for reading! David
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    Which route is best between Chicago and New York?

    I love all ideas! I was thinking someone would mention Capitol Limited to Acela Express as I have chosen that option myself in the past. Ultimately I didn't consider that one for my analysis because it's not considered a guaranteed connection.
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    Which route is best between Chicago and New York?

    While considering an upcoming trip to New York, I set out to complete an analysis of what the best route between Chicago and New York might be. As others have pointed out "best" can be very subjective. I wanted to share my questions, data, and answers on the analysis I wrote on my recent blog...
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    Disappointment with the Great Dome leads to my new love: VIA Rail

    I enjoyed the corridor trip so much I took a trip to Halifax and return on The Ocean. Trip report planned but not finished. I was lucky to book during the 50% off sale. We had Renaissance equipment eastbound and Stainless Steel Budd equipment on the return. I was lucky to experience both. I...
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    Disappointment with the Great Dome leads to my new love: VIA Rail

    Hello all! This fall I attempted to ride the Great Dome on the Adirondack. Unfortunately due to the warehouse fire in Albany my Adirondack train set did not have the Great Dome. Along the way I discovered how great VIA Rail was. I had booked my trip through Canada because I wanted it to be all...
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    Twitter names

    My Twitter name is @chitrainfan About half of my posts are train related. You'll also get some stuff about Apple, coffee, food and or broadway musicals. - David Chicago, IL
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    Cardinal Great Dome Trip Report 11/12-11/13

    Thanks for taking the time to write this trip report. I especially appreciated the extensive photo gallery. I booked a trip on the Adirondack for one of the days in October that the Great Dome would be attached. Due to the fire north of Albany, it did not make it on my trip south from Montreal...
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    Best Wine Tasting Trivia Questions

    Q: Name a famous rock group where all four members are dead. A: Mount Rushmore
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    California Starlight sold my roomette

    It is normal for Amtrak to sell the same roomette for multiple city pairs that do not overlap. In this case "Santa Cruz" to Oakland and Oakland to wherever you were going. There was no dodgy Amtrak ticketing, just business as usual. This type of multiple booking for the same roomette allows...
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    which Sleeper Roomette is the best?

    I have to agree with several previous posts, the one I'm in! Please consider that the roomette that you'll be assigned when you purchase will be the next available room assigned the price being offered online. If you call to change the room number or car number you may be asked to pay a higher...
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    What happened to the Builder?

    On 10/9 the westbound Empire Builder, Train 7 was terminated at Everett, WA and motor coach transportation completed the journey to Edmonds and Seattle. There was an all day BNSF work window that closed the tracks. Motorcoaches were provided for the departure of Train 8 of 10/9 departing Seatle...
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    Texas Eagle Diversion Dates STL-CHI?

    Looks like the train is detouring on October 23 and not the 24th. Lincoln Service and Texas Eagle Temporary Service Changes
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    Lincoln Service into STL -- Question

    Best seating to have a chance at seeing the arch is definitely on the right side of the train. Cheers, David
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    Lincoln Service into STL -- Question

    Unfortunately the response is not that easy. Being that this is my most frequently traveled route, i can tell you that the Lincoln Service trains use two routes to cross the Mississippi. The first is north of the Arch, called Merchants Bridge, this will take you underground the park at the arch...
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    My Annual Fall Trip - The Return

    I enjoyed your trip report and was interested by passengers boarding the CZ one day early. Thank you for sharing!
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    Empire Builder Trip Report

    Haha, why do you think I write these reports? It's like taking another trip for free.
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