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    New Orleans station ~ a couple of questions

    I would recommend checking with the staff at the Amtrak desk upon your arrival about how long they will hold your luggage. The desk should be open until at least 8pm or so. Since you will have several hours before your Greyhound departure, I would suggest going to Bourbon Street in the French...
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    Amtrak website problem with Guest rewards

    Greeting all, Earlier today, I was trying to search for a trip from New York to Philadelphia, using Guest Rewards Points instead of dollars. I keep getting an error message that says: Access DeniedYou don't have permission to access ""on this server...
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    Some questions about the NE Regional train

    Greetings everyone, I have a few questions about the NE Regional trains. I will be travelling to Washington, DC from New York City early next year. I have taken one of these trains several times in the past in order to catch the Capitol Ltd. to Chicago. However, on those trips, I had to be in...
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    My recent trip on the Crescent

    I recently took a trip from NYC to New Orleans aboard the Crescent, leaving New York on July 2. We took off right on time. I was in a roomette, and within minutes, the attendant came by and introduced himself. His last name was Porter, and said to just call him "Porter". He told me about the...
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    The Acela at NY Penn Station-question

    Greetings all, Thanks again for everyones replies to my previous post about my friends upcoming NYP-PHIL trip on the Acela. We were recently at Penn Station to show my friend the Amtrak Station. He will be on the 7:00am Acela next Wednesday.I wanted to show him how the gates were laid out...
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    Acela Express question-NYC to Philadelphia

    Greetings everyone, Many thanks to everyone who answered my recent questions regarding the Philadelphia Amtrak station. But I have a couple of questions about booking a ticket on the Acela, from NYC Penn Station to Philadelphia. A friend of mine and some of his colleagues at work are...
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    New Orleans to Atlanta on the Crescent

    I take the Crescent fairly frequently. Your group should consider getting roomettes. It might very well be cheaper in the long run than coach simply because the cost of the roomettes includes meals (3 in this case)in the dining car. However, liquor is not included in the dining car.If you want...
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    Travel Agencies that book Amtrak? (LI area)

    Corri, I live on LI, and used to work as a travel agent here. Most travel agencies here are probably not familiar with Amtrak, but they are certainly capable of issuing Amtrak tickets. The main drawback to using a travel agent for ticketing is that a lot of them charge a fee for ticketing...
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    Buying a Sleeper Upgrade On-Board?

    I have been a regular Amtrak rider for about 8 years now. When I first began riding Amtrak, I travelled in coach, on the Crescent, Capitol Ltd., Lakeshore Ltd., Sunset Ltd.,Palmetto, Silver Meteor, and Texag Eagle. I tried several times to upgrade to a sleeper onboard each of these trains, and...
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    Questions about NYC to Philadelphia

    Many thanks to everyone for the tips and advice! Bill
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    Questions about NYC to Philadelphia

    Greetings all, I have a friend who will soon be needing to take Amtrak from NYC Penn Station to Philadelphia. Neither have been to Philly in many years. Anyway, it looks like the Amtrak station in Philly that will be closest to where he needs to go is the one at 2955 Market Street. Is this the...
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    Trip from Greenwood MS to New Orleans

    Yes, you should take a taxi to the French Quarter. It is possible to walk it, but it's a long walk, and if you are not familiar with the area it is not really a good idea. There are always taxis at the Amtrak station in NOLA, and it costs about $10.00 to get to the French Quarter. Bill :cool:
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    Signs at New York Pennsylvania Station (NYP)

    It is very easy to get from JFK airport to Penn Station without taking a taxi. Take the Airtrain to the Jamaica stop, then just walk a very short distance to the LIRR terminal, and take a westbound train into Penn station. Just make sure the train goes to Penn station. Some trains that stop...
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    How safe are the items i leave in my rommette/sleeper

    I may be in the minority here, but I would not leave a laptop in a roomette while I was out to dinner or walking around,etc. On several of my trips with Amtrak, the sleeping car attendant vanishes after we depart and we never see him/her again, so there is often no Amtrak employee keeping an eye...
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    Keep It Up TEMPO

    I don't think the Longview station is all that bad. It is small, and could certainly use some sprucing up, but it's not the worst Amtrak station by far. Any of you know about the "station" in Beaumont, TX? Now, that one really needs some serious work!!! Bill :lol:
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    Tell Me About NYP Station

    I think the Hotel Pennsylvania is a good choice, especially for it's location. No, it's not the newest or the fanciest, but it is perfectly OK for one night. And I too would recommend going over to Grand Central Station. It is very easy to get to. You can walk it if you are up to it. Just get...
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    Amtrak Reservation System

    It has been my experience that even today, with all the internet travel sites, etc., I have always gotten the best room rates for hotels by booking with the hotel directly. I usually just pick up the phone and call the hotel and ask for a price quote. I have never gotten a better price on...
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    I agree that if you are planning a trip on Amtrak, you should grab up a low fare as soon as you find it. Fares can change suddenly. Usually, one can get the best fare by booking early. However, I do not thnk that it a hard and fast rule that Amtrak steadily raises the fares on trips as the...
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    First Time to NYP - Advice?

    I hope you have a great trip and a fun time in New York City. If there are indeed redcaps available, by all means use one if they can assist you in getting a taxi. I have never notice them there, but I never check my luggage there so I would have not had any reason to look for one. When you...
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    Apart form the totally disastrous non-station in Beaumont, I would have to say that the Jacksonville, Fl station as one of the worst maintained. I was there a few years ago to connect with the Sunset Ltd (pre-Katrina). Not one of the vending machines worked, the water fountain was broken , and...
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