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  1. cirdan

    Bombardier planning on selling rail division to Alstom

    I think there were cases in which different parts of Bombadier were competing for the same jobs and they were undercutting one another's prices, leading to an erosion of overall profitability. I think top level management decided that the individual companies had way too much freedom and decided...
  2. cirdan

    New Swiss mountain tunnel to open 2020

    This absolutely. The same can be said of many other lines. For example when doing the Bernina line I prefer the local train to the Bernina express. You are also much more exposed to local culture and goings on.
  3. cirdan

    New Swiss mountain tunnel to open 2020

    Technically there is still the Zimmerberg base tunnel. This is the bit that will eventually connect the new line to Zurich. Or more precisely a project for a new line between Zurich and Zug, which would be mostly in tunnel. The line was proposed as a portion of the Zurich to Milano high speed...
  4. cirdan

    TRE loco far from home

    If you did this sort of thing on your model railroad you'd get no end of snarky comments. But when the big railroads do it, its OK.
  5. cirdan

    NY Times: Anderson out, William Flynn in

    What requirements should the new CEO bring? Some say he should understand transportation. But if its an airline guy people say he doesn't get LD trains. Some say he should understand hospitality. But if you bring in a hotel guy, people say he doesn't get transportation. Some say he should...
  6. cirdan

    NY Times: Anderson out, William Flynn in

    ha ha, so he knows about model railroads at least :)
  7. cirdan

    Chances that private US freigtliners get back to people hauling business?

    It is entirely possible that with the decrease and eventual extinction of things like coal, that railroads will become increasingly dependent on fast intermodal services. It will thus be in their own interest to upgrade infrastructure for higher speeds while also working towards better overall...
  8. cirdan

    Texas Central Railway

    Actually, I am under the impression that Paris has done much more to relieve the situation than London. For suburban services there is the RER which is basically a collection of inherited suburban lines that have been interconnected by a series of (mostly) new-build tunnels going under the...
  9. cirdan

    Brightline/Virgin Trains (FEC) Update

    I guess it depends. It makes sense to connect large airports to intercity rail systems as obviously people will need to come to that airport from a large area. When it comes to local airports, this isn't really the case. It makes more sense to connect those to local transit systems. That is...
  10. cirdan

    Bombardier planning on selling rail division to Alstom

    I have always had the impression that Bombardier's problem was that they emerged from a series of ad-hoc and often poorly thought out mergers of a large number of rail manufacturers, followed by ineffective attempts at consolidating these former rivals. My very first ever job was with ABB...
  11. cirdan

    Protests continue for third day

    I personally don't see why an organization claiming to be against fossil fuels has chosen to specifically harm trains, thus forcing more people to drive and more freight to be sent by truck.
  12. cirdan

    The hated British train...

    I think their awfulness is often exaggearted. As it is a British thing to exaggerate everything that is even slightly bad. I much prefer them to a modern train, on the Hope Valley line for example. You can open the windows and let in the smell of fresh grass or the breeze coming down from the...
  13. cirdan

    Concrete Ties

    One advantage of wooden ties is that it is easier to make custom track elements, such as non standard crossings and switches, as it is far easier to cut or spike wood in a non standard way than customize concrete. I understand that on some bridges, wooden ties are also used because concrete...
  14. cirdan

    Amtrak funding and committment to restore Gulf coast service

    Isn't east of Mobile pretty much Florida anyway? With such a small part of the total mileage in Alabama, and Mobile on board already, should it matter at all what the rest of Alabama thinks?
  15. cirdan

    Brussels-Vienna night train returns as Europe eyes flying alternatives

    I know. That's what i thought too. But maybe it's just a thing with night trains that they are not really competitive between big cities, where flying is easier, but between smaller cities that don't have the same access to an airport. Before reaching Aaachen, the train will be stopping in...
  16. cirdan

    Brussels-Vienna night train returns as Europe eyes flying alternatives

    I understand Swedish Railways are looking into a Stockholm to Aachen train, which will connect with an Oslo train at Malmo. I'm not sure if its been approved yet though or whether it will start in December 2020 or Deceber 2021.
  17. cirdan

    Brussels-Vienna night train returns as Europe eyes flying alternatives

    Actually it's not a new service but the existing Vienna to Dusseldorf / Cologne has been (re) extended to Brussels. OBB doesn't have the equipment to add any new services right now. Some of the hand-me-down equipment they are using now is in urgent need of replacement and they are awaiting the...
  18. cirdan

    Brightline Ridership Number-Crunching and Analysis

    I agree. A lot of people on this forum and elsewhere have been talking about there being an express service and a stopping service, and maybe this has been repeated so often by so many people that it appears to be a fact. But AFAIK, there has not been any official statement to this effect from...
  19. cirdan

    Long Distance Trains On the NEC

    I wonder if the income is credited to the NEC or to LD?
  20. cirdan

    How much would it cost for Amtrak to build their own tracks nationwide?

    If you want rail to be genuinely competitive on something like a coast to coast line, even HSR isn't fast enough to be a genuine alternative to airlines. You'd have to look at something like maglev or a hyperloop for that. The costs would be immense. One of the strengths of Amtrak's LD trains...
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