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  1. hankster211

    Your Experiences on Pre-Amtrak Trains?

    The Southern Railways, Tennessean, roundtrip at least a dozen times in the fifties and sixties from Knoxville to Memphis, my Dad's hometown. The Southern Railways, Carolina Special, roundtrip from my hometown, Clinton TN, to Cincinnati with my Little League Team to watch a Major League game at...
  2. hankster211

    Favorite Train/Transportation Movies

    My favorite James Bond movie, "From Russia with Love" has a lot of train scenes on The Orient Express including one of the most famous movie fight scenes between James Bond (Sean Connery) and Donald "Red" Grant (Robert Shaw) in a sleeping compartment.
  3. hankster211

    Switching Rooms -- A Challenge in Futility

    was able to change rooms by calling back in February, but it wasn't easy. My roomette was booked with AGR. At first they agent said there would be a charge, but then after checking with whoever, reversed herself.
  4. hankster211

    Chicago-LAX-Seattle, May 9 thru 12.

    I went back and looked, but no Santa Barbara Station photos.............don't know why, I tried to get every station on the route, if I was awake.
  5. hankster211

    Chicago-LAX-Seattle, May 9 thru 12.

    It is La Junta. I don't know where the conductor got on (could be Dodge City), but he was leaving at La Junta. (I tried to add greatcats quote, by clicking on the "quote" button under his post, but I guess I'm doing something wrong)
  6. hankster211

    Chicago-LAX-Seattle, May 9 thru 12.

    It is Princeton, IL. Just added more photos LAX-SEA.
  7. hankster211

    Chicago-LAX-Seattle, May 9 thru 12.

    Used the last of my old AGR points back in January to book a roomette for wife and me on the Southwest Chief, transferring to the Coast Starlight. We flew from Knoxville to Chicago on May 9, along with my sister who booked a roomette and had never ridden a train. Trip was on time and...
  8. hankster211

    Cascade Tunnel Photos

    left one off that shows the Cascade Tunnel sign more clearly.
  9. hankster211

    Cascade Tunnel Photos

    Drove from Leavenworth WA to Seattle today on US 2 and left the main road a few miles west of Stephen's Pass. I've been through the Cascade tunnel on the Empire Builder, but wanted to see if I could find one of the entrances for a photo opp. I was lucky as a BNSF freight came along while I was...
  10. hankster211

    Agent changed One-way to Multi-City

    A couple of weeks ago, I booked an AGR roomette for 2 for Chicago to Seattle on the SW Chief connecting in LA to Coast Starlight. Because my sister decided to go with us, I called AGR to book her a paid fare and do whatever it took to get our roomettes across the aisle from each other. The...
  11. hankster211

    ORD to Union Station

    So, exactly how do you get to the Metra Stop from O'Hare? We tried the Blue Line Clinton Stop last time, but the stairs were too much for carrying 2 large suitcases.
  12. hankster211

    Joe Boardman to Retire

    How 'bout Amtrak Joe....Biden?
  13. hankster211

    Chicago to Seattle via SWC and CS using AGR

    Thanks for the info, everyone. Just one more question. The "Redeem Amtrak Guest Rewards Points" webpage lists only the EB as the route from Chicago to Seattle. Will I need to call Amtrak in order to book the SWC and CS using AGR points? Thanks
  14. hankster211

    Chicago to Seattle via SWC and CS using AGR

    My son is in Seattle and I have visited twice, once on the EB and last summer on the CZ connecting to CS. I would like to take another route this time, travelling from Chicago on the SWC to LAX then connecting to the CS on up to Seattle. Question is: I have enough AGR points for a 2-zone...
  15. hankster211

    Luggage storage at Denver Union Station

    Just wondering.......Since Denver Union Station has re-opened, does anyone know if we can store luggage there while waiting for CZ #5. We'll be checking out of our hotel and arriving at Union Station in time for the scheduled departure at 8am, but wondering if we'll be able to store our luggage...
  16. hankster211

    Amtrak online eticket overload?

    Been trying to book online this morning, but keep getting this message: Problem with Our Booking System: Sorry, we are temporarily unable to process your request. Please try again. [Error ID: 111A] Am I doing something wrong or is it overloaded?
  17. hankster211

    Chicago to Sacramento with layover in Den

    That's something I hadn't thought about................good idea.
  18. hankster211

    Chicago to Sacramento with layover in Den

    My wife and I would like to take the Zephyr on Aug 15 from Chi~Sacramento with a one day layover in Denver to visit my daughter. the only way I know to do this online is Multi-city reservations. With a roomette for 2 people using multi-city, the fare is $1316 (arrive Den Aug 16 and depart Den...
  19. hankster211

    Nebraska Zephyr

    Did anyone watch the new ABC TV program "Betrayal" this past week. It had some very good footage of Chicago Union Station both inside and outside.... Also the Nebraska Zephyr made an appearance.
  20. hankster211

    Best sounding horns amtrak has used. Open for debate!

    So Olympian Hiawatha......, Doesn't look like you're going to get an answer to the North by Northwest Twentieth Century Limited horn question. I've tried to research it, since that is one of my favorite movies, but can't find the answer. What type horn Did Hitchcock use for that movie? Edit...