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    Auto train derailment south of Deland 3/26

    The amtrak alerts twitter feed only says that the auto train is delayed by unexpected track work. No where on the site does it mention that there happened to be a derailment. I wonder how many folks will have their cars when they arrive.
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    New Auto Train Sleeping Car Menu Posted

    When we ride the AT, we get there around 11:30 or noon, and park, rather than checking our car in. We verify our room assignments are in order and snag our preferred dining time. Then we head off to someplace for lunch, then head back around 2 to board. We generally eat at 7 and take our own...
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    Death on SWC 3

    The Chief is currently parked between Las Vegas NM and Lamy due to a tragic death of an unwell passenger. Been parked for at least 3 hours waiting for a coroner. This is the same trip that was bussed for flooding in Kansas, and then waited for a couple more hours for the delayed SWC 4 to make it...
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    Southwest Chief and Flooding in Kansas

    So we have just boarded, July 5, train 3, the SWC to ABQ. Just prior to boarding they announced that this train will terminate in Kansas City, and we will be bussed to Newton, a 4 hour ride, at around 10:30 pm to 2:30 am to pick up another train, due to flooding. All checked baggage was...
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    Taking the Pennslyvanian to Lancaster ?

    We live in Lancaster. Going to New Mexico this summer. Our choice (3rd time doing this) is Lancaster to Philly on the Keystone, Regional to DC then Cap the CHI to pick up the Chief. Then Vice Versa. We do it to avoid the middle of the night and early morning transfers with lengthy waits in...
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    First Time on Superliner/Empire Builder

    I bring my own pillow! A couple of charged power bricks to keep the iPad going, especially while in the lounge car. Stake a seat out there early if going through glacier. Sometimes peop,e spread out over more than one seat, and it is okay to ask them to move. If you will be in Whitefish and...
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    I missed my CL connection due to late CZ into CHI

    To the original question , this may make you feel better. Last summer we were on the EB. It was late and getting later. They told us we would miss the connection to the CL, where we had a sleeper booked. I asked if I could call or get on the app to rebook us for the next day. The SCA and the...
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    Hotels near NYP

    Our go to is the Nylo Hotel on the Upper West Side, a few blocks from Central Park. If you are traveling light, you can catch the subway right across from Penn Station, and the stop be Hotel is a block and a half away. Otherwise the taxi is around 15 plus tip. If you sign up for their emails...
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    Major signal problems around Trenton (8/18)

    A very large crew of us now hanging out at the 30th st station waiting for the last Keystone of the night. Not one thing anybody could do about it.
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    Major signal problems around Trenton (8/18)

    There was a significant storm today that has apparently caused major signal problems all up and down the track. We are on the NEC going nowhere fast.
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    Empire Builder Experts How long from St. Paul to Chicago?

    We are on the EB hoping to make our connection to the CL (train 30) which leaves at 6:40. We have a delay and got out of MSP at around 10. Best/worst case ETA?
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    28(22) extra sleeper?

    We are presently on the Empire Builder going East, in then8 section. Train is delayed 2.5 hours. Lunch companions from the 28 section said the original sleeper car had no air conditioning . They pulled one up from reserves that apparently has no water. They have to go to the next car over to use...
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    Amtrak Layover in Washington-What should I do?

    We had a couple hours layover recently in DC. We exited the station facing the Capitol and took a brisk walk in the lovely parks you will see to your right. There is a fabulous view of the Capitol Building with fountains in front of it. We spent about an hour walking, and then returned to be...
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    If you get on eastbound Empire Builder at Whitefish, leaving at 7:41,

    We sensibly ate breakfast at the wonderful Whitefish Hampton. Can't recommend it highly enough. Free shuttle, and great staff. Now on to seeing if we make the connection to the CL in Chicago.
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    If you get on eastbound Empire Builder at Whitefish, leaving at 7:41,

    Oh dear. IOU get on at 7:41, can you still get breakfast? Which I am in an hour or so.
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    If you get on eastbound Empire Builder at Whitefish, leaving at 7:41,

    The subject line asks it all. Thanks!
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    Rental Cars near Amtrak Station In Albuquerque

    We arrived by SWC on July 2. Had an Enterprise reservation at the downtown Enterprise. The SWC was late, and we were going to miss it. I called them and they transferred me to the airport Enterprise. They honored the reservation. We had an SUV reserved which they did not have . We had lots of...
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    EB to CL Advice on worst case scenario missed connection and luggage

    No sleepers on the next day Cap. So I think we stick it out and see what happens. What do you know about delayed luggage if we make the connection but the luggage doesn't?
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    SWC- the Latest Lateness

    On July 1st, the SWC barely made it up the grade into Raton Pass. There were engine problems which they somehow resolved. We were then over 2 hours delayed between Lamy and ABQ. Including a half hour wait for an engineer to drive up to check out a bridge to see if the bridge had enough integrity...
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