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  1. zepherdude

    Drug Busts On SWC

    No worries, I do it all the time and I am an old fart of 70. Never been inspected, questioned or stopped. I do coach and sleeper. I mind my business and do as I want. As long as I get helped on and off the train I am happy. Years ago on the Cap Limited I met up with a grandma from Chicago...
  2. zepherdude

    Los Angeles Union Station and environs

    Years ago I had a long train connection and waited outside in a courtyard. It was the most pleasant wait I ever had anywhere. People nodded, some spoke, but never did I feel unsafe.
  3. zepherdude

    Creative dining on Amtrak

    No food in the cafe car is prepped onboard It is all brought in from elsewhere prepackaged. All one can do is estimate usage according to space available. Lots of factors determine usage and all the agents can do is try to load proper amounts based on history.
  4. zepherdude

    Creative dining on Amtrak

    It would be a mess with food everywhere. overcooked soup and oatmeal all over the inside. Burger wrappers, hot chocolate, best leave it alone.
  5. zepherdude

    what are some prepared foods to take on Amtrak LD trip?

    Insulated bag with frozen ice packs will enhance your menu options a lot. We took cold fried chicken long ago. You could add Lunchables too. Cheese/crackers/salami. No mayonnaise at all
  6. zepherdude

    The folly of dismantling Amtrak’s National Network

    https://www.railwayage.com/passenger/the-folly-of-discarding-long-distance-passenger-trains/ I found this in Railway Age magazine. After 48 years of providing long-distance passenger train services, is Amtrak preparing to scuttle these operations and dismantle its National Network? That...
  7. zepherdude

    Pacific Parlour Car Permanently Retired February 2018

    There is a lower level for handicap passengers.
  8. zepherdude

    Southwest Chief News & Future Operations

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/ea5078d3-5158-3e6d-803d-1b92aa9fa7d7/ss_amtrak-explores-ending.html I found this on Yahoo. News just now. This eliminates the Bus, West. Moderator Note: This topic "Amtrak Explores Ending Passenger Service from Dodge City" was merged with this existing topic.
  9. zepherdude

    Elimination of diners on western Amtrak long distance trains?

    I think it is multi-day trips that are a low priority for this CEO.
  10. zepherdude

    Elimination of diners on western Amtrak long distance trains?

    why book Amtrak at all, Just Go Greyhound
  11. zepherdude

    Lake Shore Limited, Capitol Limited Rider New Menu Reviews

    I am unclear, where do coach passengers sit/eat? Is this boxed meal offered (at a price) to coach passengers?
  12. zepherdude

    Amtrak's New "Fresh Choices" Dining on CL & LSL

    Just like airline catering.
  13. zepherdude

    Amtrak's New "Fresh Choices" Dining on CL & LSL

    It looks like an airline snack meal, years ago. Not first class quality.
  14. zepherdude

    Amtrak's New "Fresh Choices" Dining on CL & LSL

    I agree, but I will admit to missing pancakes on the train. But, it is such a small issue. I do not really care if I buy a sleeper. It is so much money. Like 300 bucks a night. I can really dress up and live high on the hog for 300 bucks.
  15. zepherdude

    Amtrak's New "Fresh Choices" Dining on CL & LSL

    This was copied from Amtrak Media Center https://media.amtrak.com/2018/04/new-contemporary-dining-soon-two-amtrak-routes/ Amtrak Media RelationsAmtrak Contact 202 906.3860 MediaRelations@Amtrak.com Capitol Limited and Lake Shore Limited sleeping car customers to be offered fresh choices for...
  16. zepherdude

    Desktop PC on Amtrak

    A passenger across the aisle from me brought a small padlock for the outside of his roomette.
  17. zepherdude

    Wandering during stops - reasonably!

    I have seen many people left behind. Once in SLC, late night stop, a guy asked me if I wanted to quick hoof it over to Temple Square. I declined and warned him he may not have enough time. He said I wanna see Temple Square! He hoofed it over to the Square. The train horn blew and the hoofer was...
  18. zepherdude

    Things to pass the time

    I rented a portable movie video once, but usually just stare out the window. Did NYP all the way to EMY and never bored. The mind needs to chill and shut down.
  19. zepherdude

    Pacific Coast Parlour Car

    I don't think anyone is being punished. I have been hearing for years the cars are old and grey and they would be removed someday. Well that day has come. They are 50-60 years old and all good things must end.
  20. zepherdude

    Choice of CZ or SWC for a first timer.

    No matter what time of the year.....the Zephyr is the best.