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  1. Slasharoo

    SWC detouring Newton KS (8-18-19)

    On 4 now. They backed up and took a different route around the wreck. 4 plus hours late to Topeka. Power problems in KC. Left KC around 1 pm CDT. Expected into Chicago around 9 pm, versus 2:50 pm. Otherwise, fine
  2. Slasharoo

    Amtrak #6(31) Down to One Engine

    Arrived around 7:30. Almost five hours late. Luckily, there was not much freight traffic in the way from Omaha eastward, so after initial incident we only lost an extra hour or so due to one locomotive gone missing.
  3. Slasharoo

    Amtrak #6(31) Down to One Engine

    Crew says a truck ran into the second loco around McCook. She made it to Hastings before she gave out. Been riding with the one engine ever since. Crew reported that there were no casualties...except the engine and the OTP
  4. Slasharoo

    CZ 5 (27) Delayed By Fallen Tree

    A storm in eastern Iowa took down a tree that is too large for the crew to remove. BNSF help is on the way, we think. About 20 miles west of Ottumwa. Luckily, we didn't hit the downed tree.
  5. Slasharoo

    Departure time for CZ Tuesday 7/28 from Chicago

    Monday's train was changed to noon as well. I am assuming to get a head start on the delays they have been experiencing this summer. I wonder if it will be permanent like the Empire Builder.
  6. Slasharoo

    Two Zone Roomette, Two People, Two Embarkation Points

    you ain't just whistlin' dixie
  7. Slasharoo

    Two Zone Roomette, Two People, Two Embarkation Points

    Thanks for the info fellas. That trip just fell through. Amazingly, another one took its place...heading to Glenwood Springs for a few days R&R with my lovely wife. Will probably do the Topeka-DC trip next year, though.
  8. Slasharoo

    Two Zone Roomette, Two People, Two Embarkation Points

    I tried searching for this in past posts, but was not sure what to look for... My brother and I want to go to Washington D.C. in a roomette, but we will be travelling from different cities. Me from Chicago, him from Topeka. He will take #4 to Chicago and we'll both get on the #30 to D.C. The...
  9. Slasharoo

    Danish couple did travel across - Thank you to the Amtrak Forum

    Amtrak is an acronym for American Travel and Track
  10. Slasharoo

    A "Roll The Dice" Question

    We just did the 50 connecting to the Meteor. They put us on a bus in Charlottesville for a 90 minute ride to Richmond. I too was thinking about chancing it and buying a coach ticket to Alexandria. If I was alone, I might have done it, but my wife would have been rather upset if we would have...
  11. Slasharoo

    SEPTA and another Amtrak train both "struck by projectiles."

    with the investigation over a day and a half old, I can't imagine that not being leaked out by now if it were a main concern of the investigators. There are just too many people involved to hide bullets through a windshield scenario.
  12. Slasharoo

    Amtrak accepting reservation NYP PHL (soon)

    we were scheduled on the Meteor on Sunday to NYP to transfer to the LSL. We were just told that the Meteor is terminating in DC on Sunday with no bus service to NY. Rebooked a roomette on the Cardinal out of DC instead.
  13. Slasharoo

    Superliner on 5/9 Cardinal

    Hey City of Miami, thanks for stopping by the station at Charlottesville to talk Cardinal. It's nice putting a face to the avatar. I have been unable to make any of the gatherings, but it's terrific talking face to face. Hope to meet up again soon. John
  14. Slasharoo

    Superliner on 5/9 Cardinal

    rtabern, that's what happened. I didn't even think about the SSLs being used for train day. They're probably still filled with drunks from the brewery excursion :) ...We left about :35 late and are now in Huntington about :45 down. The crew has been excellent, especially since many we've...
  15. Slasharoo

    Superliner on 5/9 Cardinal

    No SSL. Diner though, so steak for dinner, but they forgot to pack veggies.
  16. Slasharoo

    Superliner on 5/9 Cardinal

    We are getting on a bus in Charlottesville.
  17. Slasharoo

    Superliner on 5/9 Cardinal

    We are in a roomette. I chose an even number to be on the left going through the gorge, but now we're on the right side. How are the views on the right going east?
  18. Slasharoo

    Superliner on 5/9 Cardinal

    It sounds like Chicago bound 51 hit a tree, so we are loaded onto a superliner for the trip east. Haven't left CHI yet, but only 15 minutes late so far.
  19. Slasharoo

    New here, family of 5 new to Amtrak

    What I remember most about riding trains at that age was never being in my seat. My brothers and I would walk the train from end to end. Back then, even the restrooms were luxurious and had lots of interesting highlights...While they won't be hanging out in today's bleak restrooms, there are...
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