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  1. TheVig

    How many gift cards can you redeem at one time?

    When purchasing train tickets online, are you limited to how many gift cards you can use during the check out process?
  2. TheVig

    YouTube Channels

    Short consist. Sign of the times at the moment.
  3. TheVig

    How much would it cost for Amtrak to build their own tracks nationwide?

    Environmental law suits alone would make it cost prohibitive. After all we need to make sure the habitat of the rare speckled unicorn cockroach is not harmed.
  4. TheVig

    First time for wife on Amtrak

    The short trip between Charlotte and Raleigh will be in coach. Cross country will be in sleeper.
  5. TheVig

    First time for wife on Amtrak

    My wife has never been on Amtrak. I booked us a day trip in August. CLT-RGH-CLT. This will get her feet wet in regards to train travel. They greater goal is to do a cross country trip via Amtrak in the future. I think she'll get hooked after this test trip. She likes to railfan in general. We...
  6. TheVig

    YouTube Channels

  7. TheVig

    YouTube Channels

    Running about 25 minutes late last night.
  8. TheVig

    YouTube Channels

    Recently got interested in trains again. I live in Charlotte NC. Here's a LINK to my YouTube channel. A few short videos so far.