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  1. jamesontheroad

    Flix Trains Europe

    Yes. I'm not sure about the bus-ownership situation - maybe that depends on local regulations in certain EU member states. Flixbus describes itself as "a young mobility provider ... a combination of tech-startup, e-commerce-platform and transportation company". Not a bus company or train...
  2. jamesontheroad

    Flix Trains Europe

    Quick PS. FlixTrain have applied to Trafikverket - the Swedish Transportation Administration - to start domestic passenger rail services on the Stockholm - Gothenburg and Stockholm - Malmö corridors in 2021. The operation of trains will most likely be contracted to Hector Rail, who have already...
  3. jamesontheroad

    Flix Trains Europe

    FlixTrain suspended operations in Germany during the start of the coronavirus lockdown. However, around the same time - and possibly while FlixTrain attempted to use the Covid situation to leverage better financial terms - Rail Development Corporation's (RDC) German subsidiary...
  4. jamesontheroad

    Sweden: Gothenburg - Umeå by SJ night train 92

    Thanks for the kind words! In fact, this is an opportune moment to tell everyone that we have now emigrated to Umeå, Sweden. Last year’s visit was for a job interview, and this month the work begins. We made the whole trip from Norwich, England by train. We sold or stored our stuff, shipped...
  5. jamesontheroad

    Sweden: Gothenburg - Umeå by SJ night train 92

    Thanks for sharing that memory. This helps me clarify what I misunderstood about the inland route. The route you took is now closed to regular passenger traffic, although Inlandsbanan continues to operate a railcar for summertime tourist traffic. It takes about 14 hours end to end (from...
  6. jamesontheroad

    Sweden: Gothenburg - Umeå by SJ night train 92

    At your service  :giggle: My trip was for work, and I hope I can wrangle another trip to Umeå one day soon. However, the most spectacular journey opportunities are on the Stockholm - Umeå - Luleå - Kiruna - Narvik (Norway) Arctic Circle train.  In addition to the sleeper, there is...
  7. jamesontheroad

    Sweden: Gothenburg - Umeå by SJ night train 92

    Sorry - I should clarify. First class compartments are not shared with strangers, however, two people can book a first-class compartment together and sleep in two berths. Elsewhere on the train, there are second-class compartments for 1-3 people (no en-suite bathroom; toilets and showers at...
  8. jamesontheroad

    Churchill Line Sold/VIA to return service Dec. 2

    Apologies for thread drift, but a good time to plug my trip report from Gothenburg to Umeå on SJ's night train last month: 
  9. jamesontheroad

    Sweden: Gothenburg - Umeå by SJ night train 92

    I had to make a quick trip from the UK to northern Sweden last month. My destination was Umeå, in Västerbotten, which is Sweden's "mid-north." In current tourism material for the city, a cartoon character is overlaid on a map of Sweden to emphasise that Umeå is roughly where the 'heart' of...
  10. jamesontheroad

    Finally!....New VIA Equipment

    Here's the interesting thing. The press materials released at the time of the announcement (including this web page on viarail.ca specifically state (with my emphasis): The LRC entered service 1981-84, so it's clear that the fleet renewal announcement refers to them. If the HEP2 cars were being...
  11. jamesontheroad

    Irish Rail (Iarnród Éireann) Questions

    PS. Here's a recent video trip report of Enterprise First Plus from Dublin Connolly to Belfast Central, from the producer of countless similar (primarily airline) trip reports: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLkK255p9VM My mother's family is from Northern Ireland, and I have lived and studied...
  12. jamesontheroad

    Irish Rail (Iarnród Éireann) Questions

    The Dublin - Belfast corridor is a bit different to the rest of Ireland, with a rather obscure dedicated fleet of carriages manufactured by De Deitrich, hauled by GM locomotives and now with intermediate generator vans converted from old 'Irish mark 3' carriages. The interiors were refurbished...
  13. jamesontheroad

    Eurostar London - Amsterdam launches 4 April 2018

    My understanding is that construction is under way for a sterile area on Amsterdam Centraal platform 15, which is the northernmost track facing the IJ. Twice a day this will be closed, swept and kept sterile for passengers after checking in at concourse level. At Rotterdam, work is underway to...
  14. jamesontheroad

    Eurostar London - Amsterdam launches 4 April 2018

    Forgot to include to the already-updated info on Seat61.com here. Trains depart London at 08:31 (Mon-Sat) and 17:31 (Sun-Fri); in the opposite direction they depart Amsterdam at 07:48 (Mon-Sat) and 16:48 (Sun-Fri). The journey will take around 3h 41m eastbound, just over 4 hours westbound.
  15. jamesontheroad

    Eurostar London - Amsterdam launches 4 April 2018

    After years of planning and months of testing, Eurostar has today announced that two daily round trips will operate direct between London St. Pancras International and Amsterdam-Centraal from 4 April 2018. Tickets are on sale from 20 February, and will start at £35 one way (about $50). Customs...
  16. jamesontheroad

    Amtrak Train 91-CSX collision in SC (2/4/18)/Liability issues

    Unfolding now: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/feb/04/dead-injured-south-carolina-train-crash
  17. jamesontheroad

    Amtrak's Shortest Train

    It ain't Amtrak, but you might find this story entertaining. On May 25, 1991, a British Rail High Speed Train (HST) was operating the 11:30 from Newquay to Paddington. It derailed just after the Luxulyan tunnel, a very difficult place for the subsequent rescue. From...
  18. jamesontheroad

    School Me: London Tube; Oyster card; Senior Railcard; and more

    One little addendum on the subject of SIM cards. It's a lot easier to by a SIM card in the UK that in the USA. I tried to get a temporary SIM while visiting the USA a few years ago and was surprised how hard it was (presumably to comply with federal requirements about user data). You can find...
  19. jamesontheroad

    Amtrak Derails in Washington State

    WSDOT have wisely taken that webcam of I-5 at Mounts Road offline. Awaiting updates with a heavy heart.
  20. jamesontheroad

    First train leaves Roanoke (10/31/17)

    It seems to me that there are still many possibilities for quick wins... cities close to the Northeast Corridor (perhaps < 100 miles?) which could relatively easily be added to the network like Roanoke, by extending or re-routing existing Northeast Regional service. As Mike explains above, the...