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  1. ehbowen

    Please Mr. Anderson (sleeping suites in coach?)

    The first one. Have you been to Wal-Mart lately? 'Nuff said.
  2. ehbowen

    US trip [train(s) and route] from North Dakota to Kansas City - 1960s

    That looks reasonable; if they had gone via Chicago the quickest route to New Orleans would have been via Illinois Central. I've got homemade stir-fry waiting at Mom's house so I don't have any more time to spend on this, but I'll try to come back to it later.
  3. ehbowen

    Overpowered short consists

    Very true, and the passengers are much better off with one working Amtrak loco (for HEP) plus a freight rescue engine than they would be with any combination of non-HEP rescue units.
  4. ehbowen

    Overpowered short consists

    You want to see an overpowered short consist? I once saw a newspaper article from the mid-1960s in the clipping file of the Houston Public Library. It's gone, now, but it seems that back in those days when the Texas Chief still officially terminated in Galveston that the main body of the train...
  5. ehbowen

    Superliner Bedroom - Dumb question

    There are some Superliner IIs built especially for the Auto Train which have all bedrooms on the upper level (ten), but on their lower level they have roomettes and an H-room and Family Bedroom. Not sure where the attendant sleeps on these; could be one of the lower level roomettes or else in a...
  6. ehbowen

    Please Mr. Anderson (sleeping suites in coach?)

    Sadly, you're right. However, if things ever return to sanity (and by that I mean that Amtrak has leadership that wants to provide a service, not just minimize costs), I'd like to see the equivalent of first-class Parlor Car service as a 2+1 business class seating section in a dedicated first...
  7. ehbowen

    Please Mr. Anderson (sleeping suites in coach?)

    I believe that there is a company which bought out the intellectual property of the Budd company, but it would take some time to find out who holds it now and whether they have any interest (or ability!) to return to the rail car-building business.
  8. ehbowen

    Please Mr. Anderson (sleeping suites in coach?)

    I only had one trip on a Slumbercoach (1984), but... No, there's a cubbyhole which holds the bedding (rolled up). When the room is made up for sleeping the chair is folded down, the door of the cubby becomes a "bridge leaf" which folds down to fill up the gap, the bedding is unrolled and laid...
  9. ehbowen

    Please Mr. Anderson (sleeping suites in coach?)

    Okay. Then, what do you do when you board a westbound California Zephyr in Denver on a busy day in June and find out that your two purchased seats are one seat on the aisle in car 0510, and one seat by the window in car 0512. And, no, the passengers in the adjacent seats don't feel like moving...
  10. ehbowen

    Baldwin DR-12-8-1500/2 "Centipede" Specifications

    During steam days a "factor of adhesion" of 0.25, or 25%, was in common use for calculating maximum tractive effort. That was, bluntly, the highest coefficient of friction which a dry wheel on dry smooth rail could sustain. If, say, 40,000 pounds of weight was on a single powered axle then...
  11. ehbowen

    Where do the engineer and conductors go after final destination?

    "Life is like a mountain railroad, With an engineer that’s brave; We must make the run successful, From the cradle to the grave; Watch the curves, the fills, the tunnels; Never falter, never quail; Keep your hand upon the throttle, And your eye upon the rail. Refrain "Blessèd Savior, Thou wilt...
  12. ehbowen

    What if the Milwaukee Road didn't de-energize the Pacific Extension

    I'm not an expert on the Milwaukee Road (I'm a much bigger Santa Fe fan), but from everything I've seen their accounting and decision making was a comedy of errors. The decision you mention was key...I don't have documentation on this, but I've heard on another forum that General Electric was...
  13. ehbowen

    Why trains instead of planes for long distance?

    A Bit OT (although I had just taken her family on a Houston-LA-Houston Amtrak trip; so there :p), but when my niece turned thirteen I decided that for her birthday we'd dress up and I'd take her to a really nice restaurant. I remember her looking at the menu, then asking, "What is fill-it...
  14. ehbowen

    Whats the earliest you can board the train?

    If you book the 421 sleeper and make a short drive up the road to San Marcos, you can most definitely sleep through the long stop in San Antonio... Edit To Add: If you change your ticket to San Marcos-Tucson, of course. And, also, an on-time or even close to on-time departure from San Marcos is...
  15. ehbowen

    Baggage and roomette questions (Empire Builder)

    If you have ever worked "behind the scenes" at a major airport, you will never ever pack anything fragile or breakable in checked luggage again... The cardboard boxes will probably not pass muster. Nor will the furniture dolly. However, a folding luggage dolly and some canvas tote bags...
  16. ehbowen

    Was this ever used by Amtrak?

    Yep, my story was from many moons ago...early '90s, I think. Not surprised that recent management would trade their birthright for a mess of pottage...
  17. ehbowen

    Was this ever used by Amtrak?

    GE (of the USA) has been the largest North American manufacturer of Diesel locomotives since shortly after the sheikhs reset the gas pumps in the 1980s; their four-stroke prime movers were inherently more fuel-efficient than the two-stroke engines which major competitor EMD (GM) had relied on...
  18. ehbowen

    Houston, Texas

    Oh, yes. Oh, yes! Go here for a comprehensive listing, circa 1952. But for the Reader's Digest condensed version, aside from twice-daily service over the Sunset Route (Sunset Limited and the Argonaut), there were daily (often twice daily) trains to Dallas, Corpus Christi, McAllen, and...
  19. ehbowen

    Houston, Texas

    We're talking two separate locations. The building with the SP logo used to be the headquarters of (IIRC) T&NO, Southern Pacific's Texas operating company. (Up through the mid-1960s, Texas law required railroads which operated in Texas to have their headquarters in Texas; the Class Ones...
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