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    What am I missing, Eastbound on the CZ from Glenwood Springs?

    Another trip I am thinking about is flying into Denver. Riding my bicycle to Glenwood Springs with maybe a side trip to Aspen. There are a number of bike trails in that area believe it or not. So what am I missing, Eastbound on the CZ starting from Glenwood Springs? I know the Cascades. And...
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    Do you go out of your way to ride a particular train?

    Already putting together my vacation for next year. As some of you may know I like to do bicycle tours but also try to use Amtrak to get back home. My plan for next year is to do a loop out of Spokane making use of the Coeur d' Alene and Route of the Hiawatha bike trails. I would like to...
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    Family room $100 cheaper than roomette

    I was just checking departure times out of Spokane, also hopeful I would find a bus alternative to Whitefish for a more palatable departure time. Anyway doing the search, I saw where a family room was $100 cheaper than a roomette. I understand rooms are based on availability but there were 5...
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    How close does the water normally get to the tracks on the EB along the Mississippi?

    How close does the water normally get to the tracks on the EB along the Mississippi? I was just on the EB and the water was awfully close in some spots. Looked to be that another good rain and the tracks would be covered. So how close does the river usually get to the tracks?
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    Amtrak employees need an attitude adjustment

    I don't know about the experience of others but the over all attitude of Amtrak employees has gone from bad to worse. The problem exists both on train and at various stations. That is not to say there are not some wonderful helpful and pleasant employees out there but for the most part it is...
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    "Easter Eggs" on the Empire Builder?

    I will be taking the Empire Builder east from Seattle in a couple of weeks. I was wondering if there were any "Easter Eggs" along that route? Those things that you might not know were there unless someone told you. Two I can think of on the CZ is the ore cars right before you hit Denver...
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    So what do you do when you are on the "wrong side of the train"?

    Two years ago, I lucked out and I my roomette on the Puget Sound of the train. I was able to have a nice relaxing dinner in my room watching the Sound go by. I am taking the EB again and hoping for similar luck but not banking on it. So what do you do when the view is on the other side of...
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    How did the conductor communicate to the engineer before radio?

    Hopefully this is not too far off topic. It isn't exactly Amtrak. I was wondering back in the days of steam, before there was two way radio and electrical intercom systems. How did the conductor communicate to the engineer? There was a tender between the first passenger car (if it was a...
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    I took Amtrak instead of flying and it made me want to die a little bit

    Really? https://jalopnik.com/i-took-amtrak-instead-of-flying-and-it-made-me-want-to-1833533707 So the author gets a free roomette (I would love to get a free roomette) but it was for the wrong day. author never checked the date on the ticket and somehow it is someone else's fault? So the...
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    City of New Orleans Video

    The magic and beauty of train travel.
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    Will Amtrak upgrade your first class accommodations for missed connection?

    Say you have a first class ticket in a roomette  with a guaranteed connection.    Amtrak misses that connection.   So you need to take a different train.  There are no roomettes available on the train  but there are bedrooms or family rooms open.    Will Amtrak upgrade you a level for what you...
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    Over night luggage storage in Seattle?

    Sort of a moot point but last time I was in Seattle, I had Amtrak store my bags overnight as I did not want to schlep it around town the day   around town the day before.  I had small bag just for my  one night stay in the city.  I was charged $25  for over night storage.   Should I have been...
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    What happens if one of the east bound EB trains is late or can't make it to SPK?

    Say the east bound Portland EB train is very late leaving Portland or simply can't leave at all due to mechanical or track issues?   What happens to the Seattle train?   Does it still leave Spokane without a SSL?
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    If pressed for time, Portland or Vancouver Station?

    I will be riding from Government  Camp on my bicycle to catch the Cascades North.  My first thought was to catch the train in Vancouver just so I can ride across the gorge.  But after thinking about it, if pressed for time Portland might be the better option.    If really pressed, I could rid to...
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    Difference between flexible and business class as car as refunds?

    I understand some of the perks that you get in business class since I have  taken it before.  What I don't understand is the difference as far as refunds go when it comes to flexible vs business.  From what I see they are both 100% refundable.   But in planning a recent trip, I came up with $35...
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    Amtrak Cascades Resvervation / Scored a cheap ticket EB/CL using Amsnag

    Wow thank goodness for AmSnag.  I as able to book a ticket from SEA to PGH for only $620 + $40 for my bike in July.   With my $250 voucher that is only $410 for a cross country trip!   I don't think I could fly much cheaper. I still need to book my Vancouver, WA to  Seattle leg.  I will be...
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    Amtrak voucher expiration date?

    Amtrak gave me a voucher, because of my missed CL connection, It has an expiration date of July 25 2019. Is this the travel by date? Or just the last day I have to book a trip?
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    East and West Glacier with bicycle?

    I could have sworn either East Glacier or West Glacier did not allow bicycles to be checked. But now I check the Amtrak site, the bicycle symbol lights up with 6 spots (depending on the day of course). Is may memory failing me or did Amtrak relax the rules on one of these stations? Curious...
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    Help with decsion on Empire Builder

    As mentioned in my other thread, I am planning on a visit to Glacier in June 2019. I am not sure if I want to fly into Kalispell then grab a shuttle to Glacier or fly to Seattle and take the EB into Glacier. (I have given up the idea of riding my bike from Kalispell/Whitefish, either the...
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    Discount when you book 2 legs separated by days?

    Thinking of going to Glaciar National Park next year. What I was going to do was to fly out to a Seattle and then take a nice train ride to Glacier on the EB. Wow is that Seattle to Glacier expensive for a sleeper in early June! It is more than my trip from Glacier back to Pittsburgh. At...