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    Fort Madison, IA depot move moves ahead

    The long drawn out saga of the Fort Madison, Iowa station moving from the 1960's Santa Fe station in Shopton back downtown is moving ahead again, with the OK given to build a new platform at the old Santa Fe depot downtown: http://tristatesradio.com/post/fm-depot-platform-be-built This can...
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    Hassled by the MAN- more Reno follies

    I got to deal with Reno's finest today on the California Zephyr, and be being relatively civil (even though I would not let them search my bags. The poor cop looked so disappointed) I was able to get some information on these searches. They are baseless fishing trips of the worst, most...
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    Dreading California Zephyr dining car

    I'm taking another transportation, as opposed to "land cruise" trip on the CZ, and am wondering what recent dining car experiences have been. After a trip last July where eastbound staff served only one table at a time, and westbound were so slow that the only dinner reservations for sleeper...
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    How far in advance to book an AGR ticket?

    Probably a clueless question, but how far in advance do you need to book a ticket using AGR points? I am running into some high buckets for an upcoming return trip, and have noticed that-sometimes-prices drop sharply as the departure date approaches. How close to departure can I use points for...
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    California Zephyr route guide?

    I was wondering how useful/interesting/entertaining the two volume CZ route guide for sale in the store at the Grand Junction Colorado stop is. I've glanced at it briefly, but figured I would Ask the man or woman who owns one before I bought them. Thanks in advance!
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    Slumbercoach interiors

    Periodically the topic of slumbercoaches comes up, and there aren't many good pictures of the interiors available on the web. Ozark Mountain Railcar has a couple of distressed examples available, so you can get the grand tour at...
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    LA Union Station sold!

    Fortunately to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. A dab more information is at: http://laist.com/2011/02/24/union_station_has_a_new_owner_metro.php
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    Siemens High Speed Rail Possibilities...

    I clicked on a banner ad on an obscure non-rail forum and found this page: http://www.usa.siemens.com/industry/us/hsr...stc=usccc011003 Some interesting information on equipment, at least for me!
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    Alstom bidding on Viewliners

    Apparently Alstom is bidding on the Viewliner order: http://www.eveningtribune.com/homepage/x96...-put-in-Hornell Good news to me! I hadn't heard much since the RFP went out.
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    Kim Jong Il

    At least Kim Jong Il likes to travel by train- just do a web search for this and all kinds of interesting stuff will come up. I was pretty impressed with this article and picture: http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?ca...00&num=6318 This was one clue that the Dear Leader was about to...
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    Are Amtrak Select upgrade and 10% off coupons transferrable?

    I received a few one class upgrade coupons and 10% off fare coupons when I (surprisingly) hit Amtrak Select for this year. Do I have to use these myself, or can I give them to family members who do a lot more shorter trips than I do? I wasn't able to find this information on the Amtrak...
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    Alstom up and rnning at Mare Island, CA

    Alstom has started rebuilding Amtrak California cars at the old Mare Island Shipyard-apparantly the same building was used to asseble light rail cars for San Jose a few years ago. Hopefully this will actually turn into a permanent rail shop...
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    Good news for Seattle King Street Station

    It looks like progress is being made on the restoration of the Seattle Amtrak/commuter station, which had been stalled for years. BNSF owned the station, and really didn't concern themselves with passenger facilities provided for others. The city has assumed ownership of the property, and work...