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    It’s Time For America To Get Serious About Fixing The Trains

    Not trying to get to political but Amtrak (or those that are in control of it) needs to decide if it wants to be private/capitalist or public/socialized. We have seen for years that trying to blend the two doesn't yield the best result. Living in the northeast, I find it laughable to say the...
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    Boston-NY service cut to Saturday schedule

    I know that it obviously costs money/fuel to move cars, but is changing the consist really that much o a cost savings measure? Does the number of cars effect the staffing at all?
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    Favorite snacks to bring onboard

    I generally bring dry non perishable snacks like nuts or granola bars. My wife's go to travel snack in gummy bears. I never think to bring my own liquor or beer with me, but that may just be because I rarely travel in a sleeper. Even when getting food from Amtrak, I often don't think to get beer...
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    Items stolen on Amtrak train

    I would guess that larceny would be a much bigger risk on Amtrak than either Burglary or Robbery, but that is just me. as others have said too many people think any theft is a robbery. As for the literal choking, is it hard to choke someone literally when you are carrying a 16 foot machete on...
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    Increased Security Presence on Trains

    I worked security at a local mall for several years and this sort of food court issue was a big problem. Many of the homeless knew we had limited powers and would ignore us or keep returning after being removed. For better or worse people fear the police more, which may only be because they have...
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    Empire Builder Superliner Roomette - power and charging sockets

    I have a cord/charger by Anker that I bought a while ago for a cruise ship (same lack of outlets) that plugs into a 110 outlet and has a block on the end with 5 USB outlets. I have used this on trains frequently, since it has a long cord, I can put the charging block almost anywhere.
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    Trump budget cuts Amtrak (again)

    Living in the NEC, I often don't get when people talk about corridor service from Amtrak. This is because it sounds more to me like running commuter service, which in my area is provided by state service for the most part. Amtrak really only kicks in in the interstate, and even then is only cost...
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    Trump budget cuts Amtrak (again)

    I don't think this is a matter of Trump or anyone else who may be rich not caring about trains. Amtrak has been a strange hybrid of public/private since it was formed. If the original idea was for it to e self-sufficient or even profitable it failed. If the goal was to take over the train...
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    Protestors need to be arrested and banned from the MTA

    Living in the NYC metro area, I can tell you that based on the news coverage I saw, as well as some pics posted online, this was more terrorism than protest. Emergency doors were chained open, oil was poured into card readers, Paint covered screens, vulgar graffiti on walls. They even...
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    Amtrak Asks Two People Who Use Wheelchairs To Pay $25,000 For A Ride (NPR 1/17/20)

    Oddly enough, this is one of two negative stories about Amtrak that came up in my news feed recently. I haven't read then other one but it also stems from poor customer service. If there is a conspiracy to drive customers away, maybe putting out these stories is part of it.
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    I will never book a sleeper

    The thing with food trucks will be on time performance. No matter if it is the Auto Train or others, there has been somewhat of a revolution in food trucks in the past few years and some of them have outstanding food, but I can't see it being cost effective for them to set up at a station when...
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    New Coach Seating Procedure: Long Distance Trains on NEC

    I can't say that I have adapted to the reserved movie seats all that well, but I am learning. As for Amtrak, I took my first Acela ride in 2019 and the conductor saw my wife and I looking for seats and put us into two seats together. My wife hated them, I didn't mind, but they were not as...
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    Funny, living in metro north territory I always use MNRR, not the shorter MN.
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    The Cavalier?

    There are a lot of routes that I think overnight sleeper service would work for. I understand there are issues with the height of the cars and some low bridges, but I think it would be a great way to travel.
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    New Coach Seating Procedure: Long Distance Trains on NEC

    probably 90% of my Amtrak travel is NEC and always for leisure. I travel with luggage. It is not that bad. I have picked bags that are easy to move down the aisles. Occasionally on very crowded trains if I pick the wrong place to stand on the platform, I will stow bags in the large bag shelf in...
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    Friendships Form on Amtrak Hiawatha

    LIRR got rid of their bar cars years ago. MNRR kept them up until the new M8's came in, now they don't even run them on the trains using the older cars. I always thought that they could make up an interesting excursion train of bar cars and maybe make a bit of money.
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    We have booked a bedroom but due to floods now a bus..

    A few years ago we had this happen between Seattle & Emeryville. I got a phone call from Amtrak abut a week before we left with two options. 100% refund and I could get myself to SF or 50% refund and I would get a reserved seat to the transfer point, bussed up and over the mudslides, then my...
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    Planning a trip to Niagara Falls

    We took the train from NYP to Niagara Falls Canada and stayed on the Canadian side. We walked across the rainbow bridge to see the American side one day. The station was not near my hotel but taxis were plentiful. Most of what we wanted to see was on the Canadian side and we were continuing to...
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    Trumps Amtrak..

    I can't tell if this is a pro train article, an anti Trump article or just a parody. Although I think that maybe the vague comedy here might just work to bring attention to the issue. Not that I think there is much we can do to change things. The bill contains just enough plausible deniability...
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    Booking Amtrak tickets with Amtrak credit card sends me to fraud dept

    I don't have BoA and I have run into an additional layer of authentication on Amtrak's site, although it hasn't happened in a while. I know my bank was using such a service for a while that required another password when I made certain online purchases.