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  1. Allypet

    Silver Meteor to terminate at Jacksonville in 3/29

    Just saw this from Amtrak. “Silver Meteor Train 97 which will departed New York (NYP) on 3/29 will terminate in Jacksonville (JAX). No alternate transportation will be provided.” Wondering if they are planning to quarantine people from NY at Jacksonville?
  2. Allypet

    First time on Acela, what can I expect? (meals in BC?)

    This weekend my wife and I have to run down to Baltimore for a family function. Since we have pet issues we have to do the trip same day. Instead of driving we decided to try the Acela for the first time. I booked business class because of the NARP (RPA) discount but was not sure if first class...
  3. Allypet

    Another derailment at NYP (7/6)

    Another NJT train derailed at NY Penn Station days before repairs are to begin. Not looking good for Amtrak. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2017/07/06/penn-station-derailment/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Allypet

    What's new on the AT?

    It's been several years since I rode the AT. I'm booked in April, in a bedroom, and was wondering if there has been any changes since my last trip. The last time I rode the sleepers lost the lounge car. I understand that it's back. Do they still provide sleepers with bottled water? I use it to...
  5. Allypet

    Refund fee is increasing to 20%

    I just booked an AT trip and was told the refund fee is increasing to 20% as of 8/15. Also the last cancelling date has been changed on some trips. As far as I can tell sleeping accommodations are still 15 days, but reserved coach and Acela business class increased to 48 hours, instead of 24. I...
  6. Allypet

    Auto train or Sliver service, need advice

    It has been 2 years since I rode the AT. I have to go to a college graduation in May 2017 so my dates are not very flexible. Searching fares I can get sliver service to Deerfield Beach, in a bedroom for around 1400 round trip. The AT would cost me over 2000 on the same days, also with a bedroom...
  7. Allypet

    Baltimore stations car rental question

    I have to make a weekend trip to north Baltimore next month, Reisterstown to be exact. Instead of driving from NY I was thinking about Amtrak. Would it be easier to get off one stop later at BWI to rent a car at the airport, or are there car rental locations close to BAL?
  8. Allypet

    Auto Train new consist reporting thread

    Since tomorrow (3/14) is the target date of the planned changes to the auto train, including the removal of the sleeper lounge and the addition of a 5th coach car and a general reshuffling of the diner cars to the center of the train. I am curious to see how they set this up, or even if it takes...
  9. Allypet

    Amtrak iOS app updated

    Amtrak just released version 2.0 of the app. Nice looking interface. Gone is the passport feature, so no more logging in at stations. My app keeps crashing when I try to look up my trips. I just deleted and the app, re-booted my phone and re-installed it, so hopefully that works.
  10. Allypet

    Auto Train Sleeper Question

    I just booked a round trip on the Auto Train. I thought that the Auto Train always uses the Deluxe sleeper car that is shown here: http://www.craigmash...ardiagrams.html My room assignments for the first trip is Room "B" and Roomette "11" in 5341, however the return trip is Room "A" and...
  11. Allypet

    AT Booking Strangeness

    I just booked my AT trip 11 months out to get the lowest bucket. I learned from these forums to call the 877-SKIP-I-95 number to get a AT specialist as I also had some questions. I wanted to book for 5 persons with a bedroom and a roomette. First off the women was rushing me off the phone by...
  12. Allypet

    AT booking questions

    Hi. I'm a new poster and long time lurker. I have learned a lot form this forum. I just have a few questions. I have taken many trips on Amtrak, as well as on the AT, but now I want to book 11 months out to save a little and get the lowest bucket. I would like to have some knowledge before I...