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  1. SP&S

    50% bonus points offer

    Now through February 29th get up to a 50% points bonus when buying points. You have to buy 15,000 or more points to trigger this bonus making the cost of a point 2.9 cents. That's a hairs breadth more than what they normally are worth at redemption. As usual, not a great deal. Sure miss the...
  2. SP&S

    Strange Prices

    I was checking to see if the fare had changed for an upcoming trip and while cycling through the options found that premium could be a pittance more than value and much less than flexible. We've reserved a roomette but if this occurs elsewhere it could be a loophole for somebody.
  3. SP&S

    Amtrak sued in teen's death

    It had to happen sometime. http://www.rutlandherald.com/article/20130714/THISJUSTIN/707139915 Whatever happened to stop, look, and listen? (and I don't mean listen to an ipod)
  4. SP&S

    Mitt Romney promises to eliminate Amtrak subsidy.

    I know campaign promises aren't worth the paper upon which they're written, but Willard has promised to eliminate Amtrak's subsidy in this interview with Fortune Magazine. I do not wish to start a nasty political flame war, heaven knows we've had people from both parties come after us, rather I...
  5. SP&S

    New Year's Eve

    Has anybody been on long distance train over New Year's Eve? The wife and I will be traveling back to PDX on the Starlight and it should be midnight right around SAC. I'm just wondering if we should expect anything or if it will be just another pleasant evening in the parlor car? I'm not...
  6. SP&S

    Car Struck by Empire Builder

    I guess this could be from our If It Wasn't For Bad Luck I Wouldn't Have Any Luck At All department. Man injured after car hit by train. Details are sparse, at least nobody on the train appears to be hurt.
  7. SP&S

    40th Anniversary Poster

    If this has been answered before I sure couldn't find it. I just got the 40th anniversary poster and it looks very nice framed on my wall. (Still $5 from Amtrak, or $20 on eBay) Around the periphery there are seven inset drawings. I recognize the ticket window on the upper left as my home...
  8. SP&S

    Amtrak Funding

    Mods please move this if appropriate - I was undecided between here and hi-speed. While having lunch on the CS yesterday (2/17) several of us were having a nice talk about Amtrak. One of the waitresses overheard us and said you might be interested in this. After passing it around, she said I...
  9. SP&S

    On the Starlight very soon

    Shortly the wife and I will be taking a vacation, and boy do we both need one. Sunday the 13th we're flying PDX-RNO, staying there three nights then taking an early flight on the 16rh to LAX and catching the Starlight back to Portland. I booked the flights early and got then cheap, the rooms...
  10. SP&S


    A few years back there was talk of drumheads being put on the starlight. There are a couple of older videos on youtube that show a CS with a drumhead and I managed to find a photo (not mine) of one, but I've never seen an Amtrak train with one. Anybody know what happened? It seems like it would...