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  1. dnsommer2013

    In Search of Domes

    I know Amtrak's Great Dome will be part of The Adirondack's consist again this autumn, and it got me thinking: where else can one still ride aboard a dome car? Superliner Sightseer lounge cars are okay, but somehow the old dome cars seem cooler! What are some of your favorite dome car memories...
  2. dnsommer2013

    History Question

    I was just wondering how sparse passenger train services had become, in the two or three years preceding the opening of Amtrak? Because I just read about a train trip in 1969, and it seems like the author still had quite a few options. I thought it would be otherwise. Did Amtrak restore or...
  3. dnsommer2013

    Train travel mistakes you've made

    I'm interested in hearing stories about train trip misadventures, but in particular ones that were caused by you, not Amtrak. I will give two examples: One time I had a slumbercoach room booked on the Lake Shore Limited from New York to Chicago. But I was late getting to Penn Station that...
  4. dnsommer2013

    Thinking About The Atlantic

    Does anyone miss The Atlantic? Anybody ever ride it? Any memories or anecdotes? Photos? I rode it only once. Must've been around January, 1979. Sat in the dome all night. What a great ride! Thanks.
  5. dnsommer2013

    Baggage Car Questions

    (Original post removed due to coverage of some of the topic in another thread) Thanks.
  6. dnsommer2013

    CS Curiosity

    I just watched an outdated Pentrex video from the 1990's about The Coast Starlight. Is this train still considered Amtrak's best? Does it still have the great stuff shown in the video, like the premier lounges at the big stations, the parlor cars, the wine tastings, the movie cars, and all those...
  7. dnsommer2013

    Amtrak's Pioneer

    I'm glad I got to ride The Pioneer from Salt Lake City to Seattle while it was still running. I rode it in a Superliner Economy Sleeper. I was traveling around the USA on one of those All-Aboard passes you could buy for unlimited Amtrak travel coast-to-coast. Being from the East Coast, I was...
  8. dnsommer2013

    NEC Visible Stations (Trivia)

    Which Amtrak NEC stations are visible from I-95? The only one I can think of is Stamford, Ct.