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    How about a train to Alaska? Talk about experiential!

    This effort to connect Alaska with the rest of the North American railroad network has been proposed time and again. Just to get to Alaska would require building track across 1500 miles or so of very sparsely settled land. Then there is the construction across ground that is permafrost. Then...
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    Best Chicago-Florida Route?

    Yes, but they contain several reasons why any route between Chicago and Florida hasn't been attempted since 1979.
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    Best Chicago-Florida Route?

    Here we go again 🙄 Travel to Florida , Chicago to Florida ,
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    City of New Orleans routing

    That happened during the 1980s and early 1990s, with the "River Cities" section that attached to the CNO. Southbound, the section attached in IL, northbound, the section separated and went to StL & K. C.
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    No Train to Montreal?

    Correct. Pre- Covid, I think there was the Montrealer, operating between NYC & Montreal. The way the border is now ? No service until the border is re- opened.
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    Who travels in the Sleeper Cars?

    ** Minor quibble** : The MILW went via the Dells, while the CNW went past Devil's Lake, WI.
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    Who travels in the Sleeper Cars?

    I'm also in the 'visit family once per year' category of sleeper passenger. While I could fly between Wisconsin and Florida, I enjoy taking the train more. There's nothing special about flying, anywhere. All that is available seems to be airborne cattle cars. Taking a train, while it has...
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    Feds dole out 22 million for passenger rail

    The vast majority of the track in Dane County ( that's Madison ) is FRA Class 2 or Class 3. A considerable amount of 25, 35, mph track -- no 79 mph track in the Madison area. This track had speeds during the 1980s & 1990s of 10 - 20 mph, or less. The "Watertown subdivision," running between...
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    Feds dole out 22 million for passenger rail

    Some more factors are listed in this article: "What's so scary about a train ?"
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    Feds dole out 22 million for passenger rail

    There is also the factor of political will. Any addition of service to Madison would have to be funded by the State of Wisconsin, and there is considerable anti- Madison sentiment in other parts of the state. There was a great deal of opposition once one left the Capitol city. Then there is the...
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    Restore Passenger Service to Southern Montana?

    WisARP members in Dane County, wanted the station out at the airport because they ( and I ) were concerned about long term parking. Due to Madison's geography, parking downtown has some serious constraints, as Madison's downtown is on an isthmus between two lakes. It places some significant...
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    Restore Passenger Service to Southern Montana?

    That's what was thought when the project was being prepared in the 1990s and 2000s, and look what happened during the 2010 Wisconsin gubernatorial campaign. We will still have to fight the battles of getting funding, and extending train service in a State where the majority of the residents...
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    Amtrak's Accounting

    The following threads & posts are just a couple of examples: https://discuss.amtraktrains.com/threads/rpa-blasts-faulty-amtrak-accounting-in-report.73567/ https://discuss.amtraktrains.com/threads/chi-mke-profitable.7361/#post-61553...
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    Amtrak Corridor Expansion Laundry List

    Also not impressed with present day Badger Bus to MKE or Van Gelder bus service to Union Station ( CUS ) . The plan was to have a minimum of 6 round trips per day, with some plans discussing 10 r/t per day. Service to Green Bay, via the Fox Valley, was to be second service expansion. How many...
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    Amtrak Corridor Expansion Laundry List

    It was ideology. Also, keep in mind that most Wisconsinites have never ridden a train, and don't use trains on a regular basis. They don't use transit very much, either. So, with no experience taking a train, it became simple for the Walker's supporters to say, "We don't need it." There were...
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    Hello from Wisconsin

    Welcome to the community. I'm also from Wisconsin. Looking forward to your contributions.
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    WSJ article about Richard Anderson

    This topic has been given extensive debate, both here and at other fora: Chicago to Florida See also my quote here: Travel to Florida Basically, one has to address the lack of affinity for Florida - Chicago travel not being as high in the Midwest as it is in the Northeast. Also the track...
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    Amtrak Friendly Travel Agent

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