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    National Journal article: How Washington derailed Amtrak

    http://www.nationaljournal.com/magazine/amtrak-acela-high-speed-trains-20150417 Post comments below.
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    All Aboard Wisconsin notice

    Madison will be the second in a series of nine town halls being held starting Tuesday that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation says will focus on "getting feedback from people around the state about transportation needs and how the state should finance those needs in the future." All...
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    Returning service through Thunder Bay, ON

    Has there been any news regarding the return of service through Thunder Bay, on the way between Toronto, Kenora, and Winnipeg ? I have found the following so far : http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/thunder-bay/story/2012/11/16/tby-via-rail-cp.html ...
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    Amtrak's latest report on cost recovery

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    New Amtrak book just into print: "Amtrak -- Past, Present, Future

    By Frank Wilner: http://www.transaler...11+26+12+Amtrak FYI. I thought members should know about this.
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    How to rebut common criticisms of passenger trains

    Suggested rebuttals for common criticisms of additional train service Added for the edification of forum members.
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    Amtrak Vacations Gift Certificates

    Has any member here ever used gift certificates from Amtrak Vacations ? If so, what was your experience like ? Do they have to be used for an Amtrak Vacations package trip, or can they be used in a fashion similar to regular Amtrak Gift Certificates ? I just want to use them towards my next...
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    Re-starting service through Thunder Bay, Ont. ?

    I have been looking across the WWW for information on the re-institution of passenger service through Thunder Bay, ON. One suggested routing could be using the CN east of Thunder Bay, and then the CP between Thunder Bay & Winnipeg. From Winnipeg to the west coast the route would remain on the...
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    Some suggestions as to how we might salvage the disastrous HSR roll-o

    Disastrous roll-out of HSR, and how to make it better in the future. One suggestion: Avoid labeling State-of-the-art conventional speed rail as HSR -- To do otherwise only gives more ammunition to the opponents. Also, Reason, CATO Institutes, et al. will oppose this no matter what. They will...
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    "Why should we have trains? I won't ride one."

    This is a question that I have been getting when I mention that I have taken train trips, and it has come up a lot more frequently now that there is a program to reintroduce passenger rail service to Madison, WI. I have replied that just because the questioner won't take a trip does not mean...
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    When & why were the old "hopper" . . . . . . .

    latrines removed, and the current series of WC's installed aboard Amtrak's trains ?
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    WI gubernatorial candidate comes out as anti-rail

    What a shame. I mean, this route, complete with running the Empire Builder through Madison as it makes its' way across Wisconsin, would be a sure winner in the Amtrak network. yet the opponents are coming out of the woodwork. High Speed rail carries high costs. -- JS online Judging from the...
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    Conservatives and Mass Transit: all aboard !

    See link: Politics Daily: Conservatives and mass transit, or why so many conservatives do not like mass transit and rail. Exerpt: Comment below.
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    9/11 thread. Were there any members who were riding trains that day ?

    I was just beginning my first semester of Grad School that day, with an afternoon class where the instructor chose to shorten the class that day. It was a sunny day, and as it wore on, things became quiet around town.
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    Lost Promise of the American passenger train

    See article, from the Wilson Quarterly.
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    Midwest high speed rail gets another slight boost

    See link: Chicago's high speed rail dream is arriving. I cona only hope that this is built all the way to the Twin Cities. I think this would serve as a significant catalyst for economic expansion and development.
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    Work of stimulus package to add some speed to train routes

    See link from the NYT : New York times article on rail portion of stimulus Also look at the comments. Wow, is there ever a lot of ignorance in the general public regarding rail issues. I think the incremental way may be the best way to go - for now. Wait on the Bullet Train type rail for later.
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    Amtrak load factors, per train FY 2008

    From another forum. the load factors are arrived at by taking the passenger miles divided by seat miles for each route. From the September 2008 monthly report. FY 2007 FY 2008 Lower Upper Lower Upper Northeast Corridor 48.0% 48.9% 51.3%...
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    Ticket Punch blog

    The blog link is here: Ticket Punch.
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    New transportation sec'y asks for new funding, desires to RIDE int

    See link: New Transport Sec'y eyes alternatives to FeddyBuck$$ Time will tell if her impressions will make her favor intercity rail or not. Post your comments below.