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    The Cardinal Train # 51 & 50, meals?

    I was just wondering how many meals they serve going west on 51? Breakfast, Lunch, Supper, and breakfast coming into Chicago The same for going east on 50 supper, breakfast, lunch, and supper if you were going to NYP? Thanks...
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    Cardinal Trains 50 & 51

    Hi . Sorry if I missed this . I was wondering if the " Cardinal " through from NYP & Washington again after the track work at Penn Station ??? You can move this to the proper Topic if need be ...
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    Car Location on the Lakeshore & California Zephyr

    Again, I know this has been asked before, he has sleeper #4911 is it beside the diner/cafe or 2nd from it on the end of the train/baggage car ? On #5 he has sleeper #0533 back or front of the train? I know there has been talk already that they will not be moving this summer season. Is he...
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    Hotels near Emeryville and L.A. Union station?

    Hi everybody ! I just booked my brother's trip last night. He doesn't have a computer ( there are a few left like him :) ) I know this has been asked before, my brother will be arriving in Emeryville on # 5 on July 24 and departing the next morning on # 11 for L.A. for a two night stay in...
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    Why is BC so expensive from BUF the end of April?

    I booked my trip to Richmond VA earlier this month and on train # 280 the fare seems to be over $100 for BC?(leaving on May 1) I don't mind paying $30 to $35 usual fee? But over $100 is a bit much for what they are providing! Can anybody help me? Also on our return trip I'm trying to snag a...
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    When do they start serving dinner on the "Silver Meteor" ?

    My friend and I will traveling on the "Silver Meteor" On Friday May 1 and are going only as far as Richmond, VA. Part of the reason is to eat in one of the "Heritage" diners before they are gone! What time do they start serving dinner and do we any chance to do this before Richmond, VA...
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    Taxis at Richmond, VA Staples Mill Road Station

    Hi everybody! My friend and I are going to Richmond.VA at the end of the month and are staying at the "Baymount Inns and Suites" on west broadway. The directions say it is about 2 to 3 miles away. I have been there before but stayed at different hotel just down the street the cabbie charged me...
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    N.S. at it again (10/19)?

    It seems that the "Lake Shore LTD" has been sitting at "Ligonier, Ind" for the last 1.5 hours and is now over 3.0 hrs late! Looks like it will be touch and go to make your long distance connections west today!? Way to go NS! :angry: :angry: Wait a minute! Just checked Amtrak's track a train...
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    hotel/motel near Richmond , VA Staple Mill Road Mill station

    I am thinking of doing a trip in Oct. from Buffalo (Depew) to Richmond , Va and back. Just doing this to ride the trains! :D I'm looking for cheap($50 to @75? hotel/motel near this station as I will be laying over about 6 to 8 hours? Is there anything within walking distance? Its just me so...
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    motels near Amtrak's Richmond VA., Staples Mills Road station?

    Can anybody give me any info on motels close by? I may be doing a trip from Buffalo, NY one day and and back the next day in the middle of October. Just need a place to get a good sleep & shower! :)
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    National Train Day 2013!

    Does anybody have a clue if it will be on May 4 or May 11 I went to Chicago last year and had a blast! :D I want to book my time off from work, now that I can. Has anybody heard anything yet? Thanks...
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    Ocean View

    Just got off #49 this morning at Buffalo, Depew with Amtrak's "Ocean View" last Dome car on th tail end! Not sure if it's going to Albany or Boston?
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    Spring /Summer schedules 2012

    Has anybody heard anything/rumours? I know there was talk of moving the Lake Shore Limited departure time earlier out of Chicago. It would be nice if it was. When I travel from Buffalo, NY to Chicago and return the only meal choice I have is breakfast both ways. It would be nice to be able to...
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    Hotels near Amtrak station in St. Louis

    Hi there everybody! I will be in Chicago for National Train Day :lol: I have been thinking about going down to St Louis after the events are done on Saturday on # 305, lv Chicago 5:15 pm-arr. St.Louis 10:45 pm or #307 lv Chicago 7:00 pm - arr. St Louis 12:20am and return on # 302 lv St.Louis...
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    sleepimg car fare buckets for Lakeshore ltd from NYP/CHI & BUF/CHI

    Just wondering what they are? I'm would like to do a quick trip from BUF to CHI and back. I may even go to NYP or ALBANY just so I could have supper on 49! :D Thanks for any info... :D
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    29 & 49 for Tuesday June 15, 2010

    Does anybody know what has happened with these trains as Amtrak.com is showing a service disruption for these trains. Sorry my question mark is not working! :(
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    California Zephyr

    Does anybody have any info about it being so late? Was it the snowstorm or mechanical trouble?
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    Train #3

    I was just checking the arr. for # 4 on July 9/09. The scheduled arr. time is 3:20pm and it is now showing 13:23mins. LATE! The new arr. time is showing 4:43am on July 10/09 Any clues as to why it's so late? Flooding or a derailment??? Just curious?? :rolleyes:
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    Todays Capital Limited #29

    I noticed it was 10:06 min. late into Chicago today 18/6/09. It arrived at 6:46pm!!! Does anybody have any info why it was so late? It apparently didn't leave Pittsburg till 07:45 this morning. Those poor people waiting all night!!! I wonder how quickly they ran out of food? Thanks for any...
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    empire service consist to Niagara Falls?

    I will be travelling on Easter friday from Niagara Falls to NYP and back on Sunday. I'm hoping BC is in the rear of the cafe car so i can get some good photos and watch out the back door/window.Has anybody seen or ridden any of these trains lately? Thanks! :)