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    Current protests: racial discrimination (& dining cars)

    Detroit Free Press June 5, 2020: This date (1950):"The U.S. Supreme Court, in Henderson v. United States, struck down racially segregated railroad dining cars."
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    King Street Station (Seattle)

    Seattle’s King Street Station has to rank very near (if not at) the bottom of Amtrak terminus stations. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to avoid due to its status as a link to the Empire Builder and Coast Starlight. For starters, it has nothing approaching a Metro Lounge. I have yet to see...
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    Amtrak Cascades, Maple Leaf, Adirondack & Via Shutdown

    Any news on Amtrak Cascades (Vancouver<->Portland) in light of Via's virtual shutdown? Conflicting reports from Via vs. Amtrak agents. Currently, have Tr 517 reservation (Monday, Feb. 17 Van to Sea) in hopes of using EB east as alternative to Via's Canadian. Simply do not want to air it.
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    Train 14 and Semi

    Train 14 (Coast Starlight) not able to move since striking a semi (we have been told) around 6:45 pm that was in its path at a crossing. Emergency stop was interesting to say the least. Replacement front engine needed, again so we have been told. Train was just beginning to depart from...
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    Trespassers in MI--Bad weekend

    At Royal Oak, MI after 1:00 AM Sat. Feb. 23.   Train 354 EB to Pontiac  Departed Chicago 5:50 PM OSHTEMO TOWNSHIP, MI – Three people were killed Sunday, Feb. 24, when their car was struck by an Amtrak train west of Kalamazoo.  Train 355 Dep. Pontiac 5:35 Feb. 24
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    Host Railroad Report Card & FAQ

    Examination of  Host Railroad Report Card & FAQ will help some understand what's behind a lot of late trains--host railroads whose tracks Amtrak has to use.  Host RRs are not always the cause of delays but how they run their business seems to weigh heavily on Amtrak's performance.  I...
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    Late Trains, one major cause

    First, had reservations for VIA's The Canadian (TOR to VAN) for Jan 29 -- cancelled.  OK, made reservations for Jan. 31 for Empire Builder to SEA and on northward.   Cancelled.  Figured best to forget the  whole thing for time being and I cancelled hotel reservations.  And don't believe "Trains...
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    PPC on CS Removal

    Our records indicate that you are scheduled to depart on Amtrak train number 11 from Seattle (King St. Station), Washington at 9:45AM on Sunday January 21 We are contacting you today to inform you that starting January 8 through March 15, 2018, the Pacific Parlour car will be removed from the...
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    Michigan Central Station

    According to an article in the Detroit Free Press, Aug. 6, ’17, long-abandoned Michigan Central Station in Detroit (on the National Register of Historic Places) “widely known for its ornate architecture and haunting emptiness and decay” is again the target of talk of full renovation and reuse...