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  1. mcropod

    Upcoming train travel in Queensland.

    From late April, I'll have a chance to ride two trains in Far North Queensland's gulf country I've been hoping to get on for a while. Both are highly peculiar, and without equivalents in Oz. The Gulflander is a motor train which has a short run from Normanton to Croydon, and the Savannahlander...
  2. mcropod

    Ripper magazine with railway maps

    Every now and then I buy a few railway and railway modelling magazines and when I did so in my rural Victorian village earlier this week I found amongst those in the rack a little ripper of one. This one however wasn't on modelling, but was called Railroad Maps. It was clearly a USA magazine...
  3. mcropod

    East to West, and North to South by train in Australia

    This time tomorrow, on Tuesday evening, I will be aboard my first overnight train to start a journey which will see me cross Australia from the Pacific Ocean in the east to the Indian Ocean to the west, and then from the Timor Sea in the north to the Spencer Gulf in the south, an arm of the...
  4. mcropod

    Transferring AGR Points

    Gday there Ive checked out a few pages to see if a similar question has been posed and answered, and I struck out. And when I try to find the answer from Amtraks on-line resources, I get diverted to a page which tells me they cant tell me. Maybe because Im asking from Oz and they dont like to...
  5. mcropod

    19,000kms zig-zagging across the USA and Canada, April/May 2018

    First thing, for the non-metric: 19,000kms is about 12,000 miles. PHL to WAS - Wednesday 25 April (ANZAC Day in Oz and NZ). The most complex and involved travel usually starts in a more prosiac fashion. That task was performed by Pennsylvanias SEPTA, which I boarded at Croydons modest...
  6. mcropod

    110 years ago in Victoria (Australia) - The Sunshine Wreck
  7. mcropod

    PHI Lounge eligibility?

    My first few kms in my upcoming 19 thou across the USA and Canada begin with a morning BC run on NER from PHI to WAS, before a later departure that day on the CL to CHI from WAS. Will my NER BC ticket qualify me for entry to the PHI lounge, or will I be barred? It looks like BC/Roomette travel...
  8. mcropod

    Your suggestions sought please (LAX-SAC)

    I'd appreciate the input of knowledgeable people please..... I'm going to be taking the #14 Coastal Starlight from LAX northwards later this month with the aim of getting into Sacramento. I've booked a business class seat on Monday 30 April (LAX-SAC), and I'm perfectly prepared to make it as a...
  9. mcropod

    Roomette upper bunk?

    Is the lower space of a roomette still able to be comfortably occupied by a seated passenger if the upper bunk is down? I was thinking that if so, it might give a solo traveller (moi) the ability to sit in the lower area and also have a place to go horizontal if the sleepies hit, without...
  10. mcropod

    Chance to see anything at Fort Worth on #421 stop?

    The Texas Eagle has a short, early-afternoon, stop at FTW on its run CHI to LAX (and vice-versa). Is it long enough for a bit of a wander to see anything of the city before re-boarding? The fresh air would be fine enough in itself, but a bit of a leg-stretcher would be good too. I'll be there...
  11. mcropod

    SAS on TE (#421) on an April Fri

    Assuming Texas Eagle 421 keeps to schedule at SAS when it joins with the Sunset Limited Train 1, it arrives there at 2155h and departs at 0245h next day. If a person wanted to have a mooch around San Antonio for some of that time to expose themselves to local culture, how feasible is it and...
  12. mcropod

    Thruway bus booking

    I have a CZ-booked trip from SAC eastbound (departing 1109h) but a need to get there from about an hour south earlier that morning. I've checked that a train from Stockton gets in about ten to 20 minutes after the CZ's scheduled departure time. I'm sure I saw that there are much earlier trains...
  13. mcropod

    Have they upped the Seniors' age?

    I've just checked out a potential booking change and see that the "Senior" concession is now listed as being for 65+. I thought when I did some bookings a few months ago the Senior classification was 62+, and when I check my tix for those bookings, I can see that's indeed what it says. I'm I...
  14. mcropod

    G'day from mcropod

    G'day from an Oz-based new member. I'm due to start a month-long trek across a bit more than 19,000 kms (just under 12,000 miles) of Amtrak and Via Rail in April/May this year. I hit my first train on 25 April and get off my last on 21 May. I've been sussing out the valuable advice on this...
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