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    Short Term Luggage Storage in New Orleans?

    Does anyone have experience with short term luggage storage at the Amtrak station in New Orleans? I searched older posts and saw that the Magnolia room does not have a secure place to store luggage. Amtrak's website says that there's no baggage storage. I'll be flying into New Orleans early...
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    Southwest Chief to Coast Starlight Connection at LAX

    I'm scheduled on the Southwest Chief early next week, connecting to the Coast Starlight in LA. I hadn't been the slightest bit worried about the connection because the Chief is usually one of Amtrak's best performers. (Last time I took it we were an hour early.) I've been checking on it lately...
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    Connection from Texas Eagle 22 to Southwest Chief 3

    I live in Austin, Texas and my friend lives in Lawrence, Kansas. We are planning a joint train trip to Seattle this summer. The plan is that I'd start out in Austin on train 22 and then connect to the Southwest Chief, train 3. We'd take this train to LAX and then the Coast Starlight up to...
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    Itinerary Change While Enroute

    I will be using a 2-zone AGR reward to travel from Chicago to Winter Haven, Florida in June. I'll be taking the Capitol Limited to Washington and then connect to the Silver Meteor. The only legal connection Arrow will allow is this connection from the Capitol Limited to the Silver Meteor. Most...
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    Travel Companions De-Training at Different Stations

    My friend has decided to join me on a trip north on the Coast Starlight and we'll be in a Bedroom booked with my AGR points. I called today to add him to the reservation (no problem) and to switch from Bedroom A to B (thanks to the information I learned from AU). The issue is that my friend...
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    Dinner on the Texas Eagle

    Now that the dining car staff stay aboard the Texas Eagle instead of leaving the train at Austin, does anyone know how long they keep the dining car open on the way down to San Antonio? My friend and I will be taking the TE in sleeper accommodations and in case it's running late for its 6:30...
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    Bridge Collapse Outside of Indy

    Someone on Facebook linked to this article from the Indianapolis Star. It seems like even more bad news for Amtrak during it's 40th anniversary summer of troubles. The article doesn't say how long the bridge collapse will continue to cause problems...
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    30% point bonus when you buy points

    I've never bought points from Amtrak before, but I know they sometimes have promotions where you get bonus points with your purchase. Right now, they're having a promotion where you can earn a 30% bonus. Is this about the best that they every offer? I'm considering purchasing them, but I don't...
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    Baggage Storage in the Club Acela at Penn Station?

    In a few days I'll be traveling through New York with sleeper reservations. Is there a place to store luggage in the Club Acela at Penn Station? Thanks!
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    AGR Blackout Dates

    Thanks to the advice of some of the good folks here at Amtrak Unlimited, I got all my plans organized and called AGR this morning to book a reward trip. I specifically arranged my travel plans to depart on December 31, because according to the AGR website: Redemption for Amtrak Travel Rewards...
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    Question about routing from WTH to AUS

    Hey - Those of you more familiar with the intricacies of Amtrak's reservation system might be able to help me understand something. I'm looking at booking a roomette award from Winter Haven (WTH) to Austin (AUS) leaving on December 31st. The only routing offered by connects in...
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    California Zephyr schedule disruptions this spring?

    My sister and I will be taking the California Zephyr from Chicago to Emeryville May 3-5. I remember that last spring/summer there was some track work that resulted in the train being rerouted. Does anyone know if anything like this is going on now or planned for early May? Thanks!
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    Booking Mystery

    I'm looking at taking an AGR trip cross country in May. I was thinking of first flying down to visit my parent's in Florida and then take the train from Lakeland (LAK) out west, probably to Seattle. I'm researching possible itineraries online and I'm confused by the options Arrow is giving me...
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    Best Way to Get From PGH to LAK?

    I'm going down to Florida to visit my parents this November. I'll be traveling from Pittsburgh down to Lakeland (flying back to Pittsburgh due to time constraints). There are two options available on the Amtrak website: Take the Capitol Limited from PGH to WAS and then take the Silver Meteor to...
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    Sleeper Refunds

    My understanding of Amtrak's policy regarding refunds of sleeper accommodations is that they are fully refundable until 7 days before departure. From their website it seems that from 7 days prior until one actually boards the train you get a credit for future travel if you cancel sleeper...
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    Hi! I've visited this board for a few months and finally decided to join and post recently. I live in Pittsburgh and recently returned from my first trip in a sleeper car, on the Capitol Limited and the Southwest Chief. I had a great time and look forward to more trips on the train. This is a...
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    Trip Report - Capitol Limited/Southwest Chief/Pacific Surfliner

    I just got back from my first long-distance train trip in years and my very first trip in sleeper accommodations. I had one of the best times of my life on the train - I met the most interesting people, and the Amtrak staff were wonderful. I can't wait to go another train journey!   I...
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