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  1. VAtrainfan

    Pennsylvania Turnpike road trip, plus I-83

    My sister's family live in York, that drive up I-83 from Baltimore is by far the worst part of the 6-hour drive from Norfolk. It's been 15 years since they moved up there, and that road has been under perpetual construction and hasn't gotten any better. It's a big reason why I rarely drive it...
  2. VAtrainfan

    Just for fun - upper or lower?

    I don't mind the upper bunk, although next time I'll take my own pillows and blankets. However, my only experience was on the Auto Train.
  3. VAtrainfan

    What are the best and worst commuter rails in the U.S.?

    I've never had any occasion to use Norfolk's light rail, The Tide. I live on the other side of the river in P-town which has nothing but infrequent buses. Of the cities I have visited with commuter rail, Toronto's was quite efficient although my GPS got me lost trying to find the parking lot...
  4. VAtrainfan

    Car rental from Union Station DC?

    Last time I flew to Denver this happened to me. I booked an econo-box expecting to be able to spend 4 days in downtown Denver on a couple of gallons of gas. When I get to the rental lot, this company (Fox) that showed over a dozen different classes of automobile on its website instead rented...
  5. VAtrainfan

    United Airlines and Amtrak partnership

    Hm. I'll keep that in mind when booking my Italy trip later this year. Might be worth it to pay up to $200 more for United if it gets me my next 2-3 Norfolk-Lancaster trips free.
  6. VAtrainfan

    United Airlines and Amtrak partnership

    When I flew United in early 2017, even though no part of the trip involved Amtrak or Newark (ORF-ORD-DFW/return) I earned Amtrak points for the entire trip. Enough to pay for my next trip NFK-LNC. I don't think you can do that anymore though, pretty sure they changed it so that you can only earn...
  7. VAtrainfan

    Please turn off the heat on train 88 to Boston

    This is an Amtrak (and other trains) enthusiast forum. We have no connection with Amtrak itself or their customer service department. They can be reached at
  8. VAtrainfan

    Huge News from Virginia

    This was the driving force behind Dominion fighting for years to build new transmission line towers over the James River from Surry to James City County, so they could shut down the Yorktown coal plant. That was finally done earlier this year, the Yorktown plant shut down permanently and the...
  9. VAtrainfan

    Too bad nobody rides trains anymore

    Every time I take the train around Thanksgiving or Christmas, I get an Amfleet I business class car being used for coach.
  10. VAtrainfan

    Williamsburg - just..(times of train to DC)?

    Bowers Hill is a bit close to NFK for that (and it's the wrong track), but I am surprised there's no stop in/near downtown Suffolk.
  11. VAtrainfan

    Celebrities & Politicians on Amtrak?

    Never seen anyone famous on the train, even though my trips all go through the NEC. But I always sequester myself back in the Quiet Car and bury my nose in my book. The closest I ever came to a celebrity encounter while traveling was seeing Whitney Houston (surrounded by security and...
  12. VAtrainfan

    What if you have trouble sleeping on an Amtrak Train?

    I made the mistake of taking an overnight train (Auto Train) and trying to sleep when the rest of the train was asleep. As soon as they announced "quiet time" in the sleepers I knew I wasn't going to get a wink of sleep. I need noise - not white noise, not soft music, but actual noise - to...
  13. VAtrainfan

    Amtrak #6(30) Has Union Pacific Leader

    I see two Amtrak engines. Does this consist require two engines, so when one goes down they had to get UP's help? And if so, is one of the Amtrak engines providing power along with the UP? Or was one of the Amtrak engines already a deadhead and couldn't be fired up when the lead engine quit?
  14. VAtrainfan

    Fatal collision in Chesapeake, VA

    The city of Chesapeake has announced they are going to pay for the crossing to get lights and arms. However, it's up to CSX as to when it happens.
  15. VAtrainfan

    Amtrak Virginia

    I think he makes a good point about the timing of trains. Getting people from VA to DC and the NEC was where we needed to start, and realigning and adding a frequency to the Hampton Roads trains helps. But he's right, you can't get from anywhere east of I-95 to anywhere west of I-95 (or...
  16. VAtrainfan

    Fatal collision in Chesapeake, VA

    In this case it's hard for me to blame the driver. The pavement markings are all but completely faded away or washed out (potholes, etc). There are no arms or even lights, and the "RR" sign is partially obscured by a tree. Add to that the time of day and the fact that outbound trains on that...
  17. VAtrainfan

    WOW Air ceases operation As much as I believe low-cost carriers are just as important as legacy/network carriers for competition and opening up travel to people who otherwise couldn't afford it, WOW's business model was the epitome of how not to run...
  18. VAtrainfan

    Norfolk VA train #94

    Yes, the train originates in Norfolk but it overnights at a parking spot away from the station so it arrives at the station a few minutes before departure. In my experience most of the time the business class cars are at the back of the train, farthest from the engine, but that's not necessarily...
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