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  1. Linda T

    authorized user

    I love my husband and hope nothing happens in the near future, but he was recently diagnosed with stage four cancer. He has amassed a large number of AGR points, and when I spoke with an AGR rep, she told me at his death the account and points would be closed unless I am added as an authorized...
  2. Linda T

    #51 (5/23) late due to bridge fire?

    Anyone know about the bridge fire 1-800-USA-RAIL gave this evening as the reason behind 51 being 3.5 hours late? What bridge?
  3. Linda T

    Dixieland Amtrak status *archive*

    Has gone to requiring a username and password, or is it currently down? I tried it on both IE and Firefox and get the message, "A username and password are being requested by http://98.69.16http:// The site says: 'WRT54G'"...
  4. Linda T

    What's up with the 50?

    She started out running 2 hours and 47 minutes late into her first stop at Dyer, IN. Didn't lose any time to speak of between DYE and HUN (I won't quibble over 3 minutes). But then she arrived in CHW at 11:01 this morning, but didn't leave until 12:19 this afternoon. So the train sat there for...
  5. Linda T

    Ingrid and Eagle

    Doesn't look like Ingrid will be a threat to the Texas Eagle, does it? Looks like it's going to hit mostly Mexico with a small arm over Brownsville area. I board on Tuesday.
  6. Linda T

    Wow, CDL luck holds twice in a row! but...

    Congrats to the Cardinal for it's second time in a row reaching NYP station ahead of schedule. But this time it was well ahead of schedule. According to it shows the CDL due into NWK at 9:35, but she arrived at NYP at 9:16 this evening. Um... doesn't a train always have to wait till...
  7. Linda T

    Let's Go Cards!

    A new day and off to a great start, 50's out of CHI on time, DYE on time, REN 3 minutes late! Keep up the good work! I know it's early, and most of the big delays happen about now through STA, but still... I love my 50 and 51 and want them to do well. :)
  8. Linda T

    Loading on track 2?

    Why would a passenger train come in on track 2 at WSS? A freight had just gone by on #1, so it was usable. Pax weren't real happy having to cross an active track, not to mention the rails, ties, gravel, etc. I can figure that that's what the dispatcher ordered, but why would he put a freight on...
  9. Linda T

    #50 major delay (6/15-16)

    Well, she started out beautifully, early into each town, then CSX gave her orders to stand at Lafayette. A major fire out of control in Indianapolis was burning near the tracks. About 2 hours and 10 minutes later she was on the move again, but needed to be re-routed around the fire. She's still...
  10. Linda T


    I'm looking for some assistance. I'd like to purchase a scanner to receive Amtrak info while on board. Does anyone have a used one that's relatively inexpensive yet works well, or any advise on how cheap I can get them and still get something that works? I don't want to put a lot of money into...
  11. Linda T

    2nd pax in roomette one going part way

    I have a question that seems simple enough, but makes me nervous non-the-less, so I'll ask here. I know I've talked a little about this trip, but I don't think I actually asked this question on this forum. My husband needs to be in Richmond in a few weeks, and we decided to book a one zone...
  12. Linda T

    Roomette #2

    Hi Guys, I need a bit of advice. Amtrak has put me in Roomette #2 for every leg of my two zone trip this fall. The question that I have is, is it really good to be kitty corner to the toilet? Is the opening and closing of the bathroom door in the evening an issue when trying to sleep? What about...
  13. Linda T

    Joining friend on Cardinal

    Okay, I have another question. In a couple weeks a FB friend will be taking the Cardinal from CHI to CVS. I'm planning on joining her from HUN to WSS and bring the 51 home same day. My question is, how easy is it to get seats together on the Cardinal on a Sunday morning? Is there anything we can...
  14. Linda T


    I know there was a thread in 2011, but I'd like to ask now since I need current info. I'll be taking the Meteor from RVR to MIA and I was wondering if anyone is familiar enough with Miami to tell me about good hotels really close to the station, and transport to and from the station/hotel. It...
  15. Linda T

    Zephyr #6 of 2/14

    Didn't see anything on this, so apologize if there's already a thread, but does anyone know why the Status map is showing the #6 that left EMY on 2/14 is running over 9 hours behind? Looks like it got into Granby, CO only 52 minutes late and arrived in Winter Park (a 38 minute trip, according to...
  16. Linda T


    Okay, so I was doing some looking around after reading a post on FB, and I'm rather curious. Why is it that I can book from HFD to LAX via the LSL and TE (using my AGR points), but I can't book the exact same train, the exact same day from TOL to LAX? I can book it in segments like I did) I've...
  17. Linda T

    CZ Omaha police

    Anyone following FB has probably seen the post by Tim Chandler about the Omaha Police boarding the Zephyr. They woke up passengers in the sleepers and demanded answers to questions. I know this is not the first time that this has happened to the Zephyr in Omaha, and I'm curious what our rights...
  18. Linda T

    Are all SL roomettes created equal?

    About to book my LD trip for September of next year and was wondering if all roomettes on superliners are the same size, or if any have any additional benefits, etc. I don't know if I can actually request a certain one, but seems like there's still plenty of room on all my trains. I'll be on...
  19. Linda T

    Taking my sister with me

    Okay, I have a weird question. Last spring when I wanted to take the Eagle and sleep on board at SAS, I'd considered booking it slightly further, but getting off at SAS just before the west bound would leave. Then get on board the north bound. Problem was Amtrak said that it was illegal (or at...
  20. Linda T

    Back from NYP and BOS

    Well, of all the times I've taken the Cardinal, this was the first time we ever took her north of CVS, and I must say that I've sold her short for too long. I used to think that the only really cool areas were in the NR Gorge area, but I've come to believe that most of her route from Montgomery...
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