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    Michigan trains late!

    Why are the Michigan Wolverine trauns all running late tonight?
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    san diego trolley extension to utc

    How far is it along so far?
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    Amtrak #53 auto Train 9 hours late/Auto Train delays and cancellations Dec 2019

    H0w do they handle that when the train arrives so late? D0es the return trip get cancelled?
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    Anyone here ride the Coaster?

    If so, opinions?
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    Any idea what's causing the delays on the Wolverine?

    Hours behind right now
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    why are LD trains such heavy money losses?

    They seem busy often and have high fares.
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    How long does it take to turn the Chief/Eagle/Zephyr/Limited, etc

    from arrival at terminus to train ready for next trip.
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    Way to cut down losses on long distance trains

    Raise the fares on popular routes and times, and offer more discounts on unpopular times.
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    Pillows/Blankets in Amtrak long distance coach class?

    My parents are thinking of traveling by train and want to know if pillows and/or blankets are offered to Coach seat passengers on the Southwest Chief and/or Empire Builder?
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    BART in SF Bay Area finally gets new cars next year .

    bout time their fleet is 40 years old.
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    who is higher rank trainmaster or yardmaster?

    Or are they both the same?
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    is it cheaper to build a new line or revive an abandoned line?

    I say revive the abandoned line since the track is there.
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    The OBS Chief reports to the Conductor, but..

    do they report to the Assistant Conductors too?
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    should long distance trains be cut or fares raised

    They are the trains accounting for Amtrak's losses.
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    worth it to go busines class?

    Going Jsckson to Chicago in September on the Wolverine.
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    If railroads want to save fuel..

    They need to stop leaving their locomotives on overnight.
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    Railroads given advantage

    How come railroads have the FRA and other agencies that pay for railroad improvements yet truckers are on their own for improvements to trucks?
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    Do you ever see TSA/security checkpoints coming to major Amtrak statio

    Me I personally doubt it, because too many unstaffed stations.