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    City of New Orleans train in jeopardy.

    There was a news story about the possibility of this train going away due to budget cuts. http://m.fox8live.com/wvuefox8/db_354681/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=jOW3DVcQ
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    Special cars in Nola

    I just noticed a few special Amtrak cars in the station. I was on the interstate and could not get a picture. Any one know what it's about? Also got 2 special painted engines in the yard getting washed.
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    Great Dome car in New Orleans

    Just saw the great done in NOL. Was unable to snap picture since I was on interstate. Any one knows why it's here??
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    CNO tracks over spillway on fire

    CNO route from New Orleans is on fire. Local news says busses to Jackson are being used. See picture below.
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    CNO hits truck in Kenner La

    The southbound 59 today hit a plumbing truck that tried to beat the train by going around the gates. News reports engineer complained of minor injuries and was transported to the ER. Truck driver sited for going around gates and driving with a suspended DL.
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    CZ best direction??

    Sorry if this was discussed before, I am planning a trip and wanted advice as to the best direction for the CZ. This will be for sightseeing only. Plan to do it in a bedroom.
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    59(9) hits car in amite la. Driver killed

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    Nol to nyp 20 crescent. With surprise

    We are on the north bound 20 today and to our surprise we have car 8400 the viewliner dinner. It looks nice but the crew says it is harder to work than the heritage ones.
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    Crescent 20 lost 4 hrs this weekend (2nd Dec 2014 weekend)

    Looking back the last few days have been really nasty between Anniston and Atlanta north bound. With Saturday loosing over 4 hrs. Any word on a reason? We are taking this next month and if it is track work or something that will last I guess we can at least plan to be late.
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    WAS stops on long distance trains

    So we are taking the crescent and I see it shows a long stop in was, is there anything close food wise or will we not have time.
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    Checked bag pickup in nyp

    How long does it take to get checked bags in nyp. We are traveling Nol-nyp in a bedroom but may check a bag as to not over crowd the room. Also is it difficult to claim in nyp. Been there before but never had bags.
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    Trip booked for February 2015

    So we booked our trip from NOL-NYP. We depart February 14. I have my scanner but can not find the website that lists the frequencies. Also we are in sleeper bedroom. What meals will be served. We can not wait, this will be so much fun. Wish we could do round trip but have to fly back due to time...
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    Pre boarding

    I know it is not possible at most stations, but can you request preboard at origin if you need time to get on. Ie: disabled???