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    Any Upcoming Detours on CZ?

    I hope no detours are in line for CZ, we will be on it May8
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    Following Anniversary Engine #130

    We’ll be on 6 next month, will wave when we go by on 5/10. Sent from my iPhone using Amtrak Forum
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    Temporary cancellation of Southwest Chief between CHI and KCI?

    I believe the problem is the Mississippi bridge in Fort Madison. That bridge is closed to both auto and rail this weekend for maintenance. They are also replacing another bridge this weekend also, I think between FM and Chi. BNSF is replacing bridges in Media, Il and over grand river in...
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    Wine Tasting on the CZ

    We are looking forward to a wine tasting on 3 Amtrak trains in May! Unfortunately our own wine. Guaranteed to like it! Sent from my iPhone using Amtrak Forum
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    Tiger Grant for SW Chief in New Mexico announced

    We are going to be on 3 in May, don’t suppose track work will be complete then. Sent from my iPhone using Amtrak Forum
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    Amtrak store at CUS is open again?

    I bought a 18x24 frame, and put matting that matched each poster to fill in the difference.They turned out. great. Sent from my iPhone using Amtrak Forum
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    Amtrak store at CUS is open again?

    Do they have posters? I have several, however, I would like one ore two more. The online store doesn’t carry them any more. Sent from my iPhone using Amtrak Forum
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    Lounge Attendant on the Zephyr

    A couple of years ago we were on 4 headed for Chicago. Seems like we had the same guy. When he was closing down before Chicago, he said “in the famous words of Porky Pig, that’s all folks!” Sent from my iPhone using Amtrak Forum
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    bar near Chicago Union Station

    I agree, I have been to the Elephant Castle at least a dozen times. I usually have the black and blue burger and a couple of cold ones. Greg
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    Sleeper Door Locks

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    Amtrak Calendar

    I've bought the Amtrak calendar the last two years ('15 & '16) from the Amtrak store. I like it. I believe all the photos are taken by Amtrak employees. G
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    First Train Ride

    Way back in the mid 60's, my church youth group took a train trip from Ft. Madison, Ia. to Chicago and the following year, went to KC. That was on the Santa Fe line. When I was a preteen, I rode the CB&Q from Omaha to Burlington, Ia with my mother a couple of times. Been hooked ever since!
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    Roosevelt Road

    OT, thanks for the reply. I was in Chicago yesterday, went I got some free time, it started raining. I plan on making that trip again, probably next summer. I will follow your advice. Our daughter and family live in Des Moines Greg
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    Roosevelt Road

    I've always heard people watch trains from Roosevelt Road. Is it a safe area? How do you get there from Union Station? Thanks ahead of time! Greg
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    Business class

    I just purchased a business class ticket on the Illinois Zephyr departing Chicago Union Station. Do I use the normal waiting room, or the first class lounge? Thanks, first time in business class. Greg
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    How many points does it take?

    Several years we took Illinois Zephyr/ EB/ CSL/ CZ in and out of Galesburg. We also took IZ/CONO/CONO/IZ out of GBB We would not be opposed to one of those trips again, however, would like something different. We have never been east on rail, and would we open for that. I think I will go...
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    How many points does it take?

    We have had an Amtrak CC for a long time. Mid 2016 looks good for a trip somewhere, Any suggestions? We will have about 40,000 points. That sounds like a lot,but we haven't priced anywhere yet. We have gone to the west coast once, and on the CONO once.
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    Hoosier State/Iowa Pacific Transition Thread

    Not to mention the mountain streams loaded with trout! Greg
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    Late Zephyr Results in New Coffee Shop

    The coffee shop is on the opposite side of train from passengers boarding and detraining. Depends on how bad you want to spend 24 hours in Mt. Pleasant, while your luggage goes on to Chicago! I wouldn't chance it. Greg
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    Late Zephyr Results in New Coffee Shop

    I stopped today, and purchased the last cinnamon roll. It large and had plenty of icing. Coffee was good also. Seemed to be fairly busy, as Amtrak 6 was about 2 hours late. Greg
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