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  1. SP&S

    Just for fun - upper or lower?

    Mrs SP&S gets the lower bunk. We try to get a bedroom these days, she laughs too much at me getting into the upper in a roomette.
  2. SP&S

    New National Menu February, 2020

    On the CS today just finished lunch and although they had the new menu the wings were not in stock. The good news was they still had mussels. Yum. Now, will they have French toast tomorrow morning.
  3. SP&S

    Why does the Coast Starlight go east of the Cascades?

    I don't know if the OP has ever driven over the Siskiyou summit on I5, but it is quite the climb. One that would require additional locos to negotiate which would cost the railroads more money. Here's a link that includes an old https://zierke.com/shasta_route/pages/32siskiyou.html timetable...
  4. SP&S

    50% bonus points offer

    Now through February 29th get up to a 50% points bonus when buying points. You have to buy 15,000 or more points to trigger this bonus making the cost of a point 2.9 cents. That's a hairs breadth more than what they normally are worth at redemption. As usual, not a great deal. Sure miss the...
  5. SP&S

    Pacific Surfliner ~ Can tickets be transferred to a later train?

    From the PS website: "Unreserved Coach tickets allow you to ride any Pacific Surfliner train from the origin station to the destination station listed on your ticket. This gives you the flexibility to take a different train than the one you selected in the booking process if your travel plans...
  6. SP&S

    Amtrak teases upgraded bedding/amenities for sleeping cars

    As long as we're talking about bedding again, how about mattresses that aren't as hard a a rock for SuperLiner upper bunks?
  7. SP&S

    America’s Lost Railroad Cuisine - A Newly Digitized Menu Collection

    There were a couple of good reasons. It allowed the railroads to hire dining car personnel who were semi-literate and might work for less. More importantly, it eliminated all problems where the diner claimed, this isn't what I ordered. The order is right there, in the diner's own hand.
  8. SP&S

    South Bend to Seattle via Portland

    I don't think you would have a luggage problem. Slightly different but we went from Syracuse to Portland via Seattle (Lake Shore Limited/Empire Builder/Cascades). The checked bags stayed on the Builder and got to PDX hours before us and there was no problem. They were waiting for us in the...
  9. SP&S

    Shortest/Cheapest rides in Amtrak

    Portland to Oregon City is $4 saver, $5 value.
  10. SP&S

    Hostage Situation on #14

    From the same source as the OP cited https://klamathalerts.com/2019/08/04/amtrak-spokesperson-says-there-was-no-hostage-situation-on-starlight-14/ It does seem like a long delay for a medical removal, we may never know what actually happened.
  11. SP&S

    Traveling With a Kid...not your own?

    It would be a good idea to have them both notarized. You probably won't need them but should something happen they will protect you and guarantee him treatment.
  12. SP&S

    Pet's ashes

    I can't see any reason why not, here's the list of prohibited items https://www.amtrak.com/onboard/baggage-policy/baggage-prohibited-items.html . Obviously the container should be well sealed, but if I could take some of my dad's ashes thru TSA on a plane to Hawaii, no problem.
  13. SP&S

    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    Here ya go https://www.amtrakcascades.com/sites/default/files/AmtrakCascadesBistromenu_0.pdf
  14. SP&S

    Current Coast Starlight Consist?

    The lounge for sleeper passengers (Pacific Parlour Car) is gone forever. Wine tasting? Forgetaboutit. Stops for a rocket launch? I think that's a delay I wouldn't mind.
  15. SP&S

    How are Viewliner roomettes?

    One huge difference between superliner roomettes and viewliner roomettes: you can sit up in the upper bed in a viewliner. Because of the high ceiling they feel much bigger.
  16. SP&S

    Rumor: Coast Starlight to Lose Business Class

    Anytime I've ridden the CS the business class section seemed to be mostly empty. Perhaps on some segments it had ridership but anytime I peeked in it looked to me as if it was a waste of a car.
  17. SP&S

    PDX Max Light Rail

    Catch the red line at the airport. It's the only one that stops there, so that's easy. At any one of a number of stops (I'd recommend Gateway/99th transit center) you need to transfer to the green line. Then get off at 5th and Glisan (pronounced Glee-Son) and it's a very short walk to the...
  18. SP&S

    Boeing 777-9X Test Flight

    Yes indeed it is good looking. But for my money the three most beautiful airliners of all time are the old Lockheed Constellation, deHaviland Comet, and the 747 - particularly in Air Force One livery.
  19. SP&S

    Change in AGR Rules

    Once again this site keeps me more informed that Amtrak itself ever does.
  20. SP&S

    California Zephyr or Coast Starlight?

    The CZ and CS are two of the most scenic routes in the country.  Unfortunately for you some of the finest scenery on the Starlight is between LAX and SAC. Wanna consider something crazy?  (And I've done crazy things to catch a train before)  Take the Zephyr to SAC. Fly from SAC to LAX, stay in...