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  1. Bigval109

    Stranded no train � 6 , and no bus �

    I was stranded in Reno yesterday when I arrived at the Reno train station 02/16/17. I had been repeatedly assured that a bus would be there by Amtrak 1800 number. The whole trip has been a deluge of false and conflicting information about what was supposed to happen. Needless to say I was in...
  2. Bigval109

    The Price of Sleepers?

    I have been looking at the super high prices of sleepers of late. I'm going on a trip in February and the price of the roomette on CZ $758 from Chicago to Reno cost more than the whole round trip with one sleeper on CZ returning home which includes business class. Does Amtrak really want to...
  3. Bigval109

    Rocket miles

    I have not received my points for them as promised. They said about 2 weeks after checking out of the hotels. It has been more than three weeks since I have completed my Stay. Has anyone else had problems getting their points.
  4. Bigval109

    Train 22 changed to 1022

    I received a call from Amtrak about the cancelled train 21 for May 5. The new train leaves at 4:30pm out of Chicago. And arrives in SAS at 1:00 am on the 7 th. Does anyone know why the change Was made?
  5. Bigval109

    Is the signing bonus gone?

    I've noticed that there are offers for points if you spend a certain amount $1000, but there are no sign up bonus if we get the new card as it was with previous cards. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Perhaps I missed it. I don't see any point to rush to get the new card if there are no signing...
  6. Bigval109

    How about a petition to bring back the 100 points min.

    I was thinking that people do it often, why not us? It couldn't hurt. What are your thoughts
  7. Bigval109

    Has the cardinal added another sleeper?

    Has the cardinal added another sleeper? I've noticed the cardinal seems to have more sleepers available.
  8. Bigval109

    Fall Promotions

    I have been looking for a fall promotion for double points or maybe even triple points but I have been coming up empty :mellow: . Has anyone seen something I have missed? Thanks
  9. Bigval109

    Going to seattle on CS

    Planning to go from Lax to Sea on CS and was wondering where the crew stays. My concern is that since the train arrives late at night if it's on time and even later if it's not. Where should we stay. The hotel I'm guessing that the crew stays in would be near by and acustomed to the late hours...
  10. Bigval109

    Is there a way to use and old Agr ticket

    Is there a way to use an old was to alt agr ticket. I found it when I was going thru my luggage. I had an emergency that year. The ticket is a couple of years old. I would like to go to atl for a visit.
  11. Bigval109

    Lost My Vacation

    My vacation was canceled today :angry: because the trains were not running to chicago on friday :angry: . But they start back sevice on saturday however the train I was to be on was full :angry: . I have lost my vacation that I had planned for many months :angry: . I can't just go back...
  12. Bigval109

    vacation train ride must include ride on talgo

    I'm trying to plan my May vacation for 2010 saw the talgo and want to include a ride on it as part of my train ride around the country. I will be using my points so I can have a sleeper where possible. Any ideas with my start from rvr. :)
  13. Bigval109

    Why blame the train

    It rubs me the wrong way :angry: when the news media always seems to blame the train because a car or truck gets hit or when a person gets killed. The train is on it's track minding it's own business :rolleyes: when some fool is walking down the track and doesn't get off the track out of...
  14. Bigval109

    Why does the LSL cost so much more to ride

    I live in RVR. I can take the train to chi for around $80 on the Cardinal or the CL. But if I want to ride the LSL it can often be double the price for one way. :angry: Because of the price I never go that way. But back in the day when you could pick the train you wanted to ride on I rode the...
  15. Bigval109

    I want to take a trip using points

    I live in zone one nec Richmond VA. We want to go to LA in a sleeper. So We want to use my points from the start of zone 2 to LA round trip. The trouble is since I live in NEC I will need to buy 2 tickets to the beginning of zone 2. Will the conductor let us into the sleeper if I give him both...
  16. Bigval109

    Has anyone used the buy points yet

    Has anyone used the buy points yet? I did a trial purchase for a 1000 points and it processed really quickly. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think we are buying points at the same rate as credit card companies. That's 2.75cent per point.Without the $15 fee to come online on June 1 It...
  17. Bigval109

    Are there any new promo codes available

    There is a guy selling promo code for buy one get one companion ticket free on ebay. I found the code on another web site but it did work for my trip to chi. Any ideas?
  18. Bigval109

    The Three Rivers train

    :unsure: I was looking for another way to get to Chi so as not to miss my connection with the CZ. I remember riding the ThreeRivers Train and arriving very early in the morning. Thinking this will help me make my connection and give me a chance to see the great horseshoe curve. But I could not...
  19. Bigval109

    CZ service disruption

    When I try to check on train 5 or six at Reno all I'm getting is service disruption. Does anyone know where the detour is taking the CZ.
  20. Bigval109

    Amtrak needs H570 back!

    Amtrak needs H570 back. It produced a lot of revenue and a sharp increase in ridership. As for me it allowed me to ride more and further. Did anyone else use H570 to travel more ? :)