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    Amtrak FY 2021-2025 Plans

    Amtrak has added the FY 2021-2025 Plans to the Reports & Documents section of their websire, the links are below for those interested. Service Asset Infrastructure Equipment Stations I have just started looking at them, so I won't offer any comments on them at this point.
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    Amtrak "Ready to Build" Campaign

    Amtrak has unveiled its "Ready to Build Campaign" this morning. Press release here. Ready to Build web page. Other than the inclusion of Chicago Union Station, all the projects are in the Northeast Corridor. While I cannot say how effect the campaign might be, it is good to see them publicly...
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    Northeast Corridor Commission FY16 Annual Report and FY18-22 Capitol I

    The Northeast Corridor Commission released it Annual Report for 2016 and its Capital Investment Plan for 2018 to 2022 yesterday. The FY2016 Report can be found here. The FY2018 to FY2022 Capital Investment Plan can be found here. I have only done a preliminary look through them, so I won't...