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  1. sjgiss

    Empire buider consist

    Will the Emprire Builder have the extra coach on board for the Thanksgiving week and the following week to and from Chicago to St Paul?
  2. sjgiss

    Can get points need to book trip

    I have been trying for the last week and a half to find out on Amtrak website how many point needed for a trip and continually get error unable to book with points continue using a credit card. What gives?
  3. sjgiss

    Empire Builder being late regularly

    Anyone know the reason for the Empire Builder being consistently 3 to 4 hours late in the past few weeks? Was on it 8/24-8/26 turned out 4:30 hours late into Milwaukee. Car attendent said this was becoming the norm.
  4. sjgiss

    Connection from CS to EB in Portland

    Is it a gaurented connection between CS and eastbound EB? If not what happens if CS is late and misses EB?
  5. sjgiss

    Hotel near Emeryville Station

    Will be taking a trip in September on the Zephyr and want to know if there are any hotels near the station any help would be appriciated
  6. sjgiss

    Using AGR points

    Planning a long trip using guest reward points and need to know if this is doable under reward point rules. CZ from chicago to emeryville using points. CS emeryville to Seattle.using point EB from Seattle to Milwaukee using points Bedroom on all I have over 105000 points just wanting to...