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  1. BuffaloBoy

    CZ #5 and #6

    Anybody have any idea why the 5 and 6 are 11 and 12 hours late? It appears something happened in Colorado
  2. BuffaloBoy


    I wanted to book slc-ftw in August but found that I could not, amsnag also says you cannot get there from here. I also tried the whole month of April and no joy. I tried august from slc-gbb and gbb-ftw and had no problem. Has Amtrak stopped booking slc-ftw as a guaranteed connection? I could...
  3. BuffaloBoy

    Galesburg Museum

    Does anyone have any idea what looks like 2 Private Varnish cars sitting on the siding in front of the Galesburg station for the last 3 days are with a BNSF loco attached to them? It has been wyed since I looked at the cam yesterday.
  4. BuffaloBoy

    CZ back?

    Looking at http://asm.transitdocs.com/and http://dixielandsoftware.net/Amtrak/status/StatusMaps/ it appears that the western portion of the CZ is back up and running. I wonder how long this will last with new storms on the way?
  5. BuffaloBoy

    First Sleeper Trip! SLC- FTW

    I thought I would write about this trip as soon as I got back to SLC, but I soon realized that I needed to process what had just happened that made it so different from my many taxing miles in coach. I also have to say how grateful I am to everyone on this forum for either pointing me in the...
  6. BuffaloBoy

    SLC to FTW

    Well I'm headed for the SLC Amshack. It's a couple hours earlier than I need to be there but I can see that the westbound #5 is about 4 hours late and I might get to see a rare meetup of the #5 and #6 in SLC and I hope to get some photos of the two side by side. At the least, I will be...
  7. BuffaloBoy

    Zephyr to Texas Eagle

    If the#6 is running too late to make the bus connection to the #21, does Amtrak take you on into CHI for the next day #21 or do they put you up in GBB or SPI? I assume it would be CHI.
  8. BuffaloBoy

    Amsnag: Account suspended?

    I was curious about a fare and went to Amsnag and up flashed a page saying Account Suspended! What's up with that? There is no dialogue with anyone on that site so I couldn't have said anything wrong (although I have been known to say a stupid thing or two on this site!). Is the site down?
  9. BuffaloBoy


    Is a trip from Denver to Fort Worth considered one zone for AGR purposes?
  10. BuffaloBoy

    21 or 421?

    I Amsnagged Chicago to Fort Worth for a roomette and got two choices (same price), 21 or 421 Eagle. I know it's the same train but where are the sleepers in the consist? I have only ridden coach on the Texas Eagle and wonder if one is preferable over the other?
  11. BuffaloBoy

    Zephyr sold out

    I thought I might try to go see my mother for Thanksgiving but Amsnag reports that the CZ is completely sold out from the 15th of November til the 30th. That includes coach and sleepers. Huh? I have never seen that before for so many days? I was going to go from SLC to FTW.
  12. BuffaloBoy

    #6 CZ Very Late (6/6)

    The #6 shows 6 1/2 hours late at Osceola, Iowa.I wonder whats up with that? #4 is 6 hours late as well. I'm thinking there will be a few (complimentary) unplanned hotel stays in Chicago tonight!
  13. BuffaloBoy

    Boarding from Metropolitan Lounge

    I know that I am entitled to use the First Class Lounge at CUS as I will be arriving in a roomette, but I will be in coach for my connecting train. Will I be able to board from the lounge?
  14. BuffaloBoy

    Upgrades California Zephyr

    I know that the subject of on-board upgrades has been beaten to death, and I probably wouldnt try it, so I have a different question. A friend is bringing me out to Richmond, VA from SLC to house-sit and has purchased a straight thru trip in coach (ouch!). I have made this trip 3 times before...