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  1. BuffaloBoy

    Train 934 Emeryville to Chicago?

    I was able to book 934 from SLC-CHI Feb 3 right up to the point of payment
  2. BuffaloBoy

    CSX Derailment at Harpers Ferry/Maryland Heights

    Typical Fox news (biased Republican news of course!), I clicked on stx link for the derailment video. It was almost 2 and 1/2 minutes but the first 2 minutes were Republican drivel and only the last half minute were about the derailment. Uggh!
  3. BuffaloBoy

    The Curious Case of Stobe the Hobo

    I watched all of Stobie's videos that I could find! I have always had a wanderlust and was fascinated by that guy (RIP). I hitchhiked around the country many times in the early 70's after I got out of the Army and only stopped when I got the call from Conrail. I became a brakeman running Lines...
  4. BuffaloBoy

    Found - An Old Pan Am Terminal Building

    The flying boats that Chalk's used were Grumman Abatrosses and Mallards.
  5. BuffaloBoy

    AGR Points For Shopping time to post

    The way companies do business these days turns my stomach. I do the survey thing, and have earned a lot of AGR points, but I get quite a chuckle when I don't qualify for a survey after I have already answered what I feel was the survey!
  6. BuffaloBoy

    How are dining car reservations made?

    I have always been able to get something to eat on my LD trips, whether in coach or sleeper.
  7. BuffaloBoy

    How are dining car reservations made?

    My experience, exactly.
  8. BuffaloBoy

    Capitol Limited #29 & #30 Service Distruption?

    Trailer Park sarcasm is sarcasm that very much disgusts me Rover. People in big fancy houses have done the same things.
  9. BuffaloBoy

    West Coast to New York - which way is best

    My experience on the Cardinal was the bumpiest ride I've ever had, but the visuals were incredible.
  10. BuffaloBoy

    West Coast to New York - which way is best

    There is no perfect way to do this. All long distance trains in this country have great scenery at certain points in their journey, All long distance trains in this country arrive at some point to a very interesting city that someone might want to just get off the train for a day or two. Some...
  11. BuffaloBoy

    Coast Starlight gets stormed out

    There is more to this story, maybe I will tell it someday!
  12. BuffaloBoy

    Coast Starlight gets stormed out

    Funny thing about HOS is that once their time runs out they go on hourly wage until another crew takes over.. Excellent paycheck for the train crew the longer it lasted.  I  made the biggest check I have ever had during a huge blizzard just outside Buffalo heading to Cleveland and we only made...
  13. BuffaloBoy

    50 Cardinal Delay (2/24/19)

    I have been doing my  excruciatingly best to avoid commenting on this, but...... Thirdrail is absolutely correct. Even if this had not happened in bad weather, it would have been handled in the same exact way. What's a small community Fire Chief going to do for a damaged locomotive except flag...
  14. BuffaloBoy

    Viewliner II Part 4: Sleeping Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    I guess I will be the first to respond cannonbal! Unless physics/math was a major, most people on this site would not understand what you are saying and quite naturally would not respond. I personally wondered about these things back in 1976 when I hired out as a brakeman in Buffalo on Conrail...
  15. BuffaloBoy

    Late Trains, one major cause

    I fail to see your point?
  16. BuffaloBoy

    Best route Minneapolis to Reno in winter

    I am assuming you are driving an older bus?
  17. BuffaloBoy

    Galesburg to Springfield connection not working?

    I went through this very same situation back in April. Same exact itinerary. I had to call to make the reservation and received it. http://discuss.amtraktrains.com/index.php?/topic/72647-slc-ftw/
  18. BuffaloBoy

    Amtrak workers fed up too...

    Relax, go have some dinn-dinn!