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  1. ReidTYK

    SL/TE 422 Schedule Changes & LSL Bedroom Suite

    I just got off the phone with an agent regarding an email I got notifying me about 422 schedule changes for our trip next march. My first thought was "Maybe they've FINALLY eliminated the layover in SAS!" But sadly, no. Instead of leaving MRC at 11:38 PM, the SL/TE leaves at 10:38 PM, while...
  2. ReidTYK

    Adding AGR to existing reservation

    So, my dad booked a trip over the phone, forgetting about AGR, so now he wants to know who he should call to get his AGR number added to the reservation. Should he call Amtrak reservations, or AGR? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. ReidTYK

    The Legality of Scanners

    I'm contemplating getting a scanner for my next Amtrak trip, and I was wondering what the laws regarding their use are like. I know that each state has its own individual rules, but do any of them restrict using scanners to listen in to Amtrak conversations?
  4. ReidTYK

    St. Louis First Class Lounge

    I am taking the Texas Eagle #322 from STL to CHI, then connecting to the LSL #48 at 9:30PM that evening. Will I be able to wait in the first class lounge in St. Louis, or only in Chicago? I looked on the Amtrak website, and all I was able to find was: So, could my sleeper ticket out of Chicago...
  5. ReidTYK

    Age Limit in Cafe Car

    Is it normal for kids to be kicked out of a cafe car if they're not with their parents? Last year my 11 year old sister and I got kicked out of the lower level cafe on the Pacific Surfliner. Is this normal, or was the cafe car attendant just in a bad mood?
  6. ReidTYK

    Hi, I'm New

    Hello, my name is Reid, and I live in Yellowknife, NT, Canada. Although I'd like to be a pilot, trains really interest me, and I love riding them. Last but not least, I'm only 13