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  1. Sauve850

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    I have used your advise from previous posts. Many thanks!
  2. Sauve850

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Lots of people cough. A smoker or blood pressure medicine perhaps.
  3. Sauve850

    Favorite snacks to bring onboard

    I bring a soft side cooler on my all my LD trips.Usually put beer in there. I get ice at hotel before trip or at the station lounge if available. I also pick up some pretzels or a candy bar or two, nuts or whatever strikes me. When Im leaving from Was to Florida I pick up a chocolate donut or...
  4. Sauve850

    Security on Amtrak: Tips and Observations

    I've never felt unsafe on the train though I don't ride in coach so no incidents for me to report. Chicago is a very busy station but having traveled thru there for 30 years I know my way around and am comfortable moving about both inside and outside of the station. Lots of commuters in a hurry...
  5. Sauve850

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    That would be a stunning amount. 30-100 thousand considering new cases in the major areas are dropping daily. Its good you are being safe.
  6. Sauve850

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Best of luck to you. Exceedingly healthy and fit 60 year old doesnt mean you dont get the flu. The flu can cause severe complications in anyone of any age and is absolutely no fun to have.
  7. Sauve850

    People will steal your stuff on amtrak right in front of you.

    Sorry to hear of your problem but Im not sure about the accuracy of the points you made. Ive traveled a serious amount of miles on Amtrak all in bedroom or roomette. Ive never experienced any issues at all and hope it stays that way.
  8. Sauve850

    Delray Station Fire

    It was a cool looking place!
  9. Sauve850

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    I have a cruise at the end of April, air travel in the US end of June and Amtrak early September. I will simply evaluate as needed. I have cancel for any reason travel insurance which at least covers 75% of my costs. As far as home supplies the basic 14 days doesnt get it done at all. If your...
  10. Sauve850

    Increased Security Presence on Trains

    Your make valid points. Many of the folks I come across in the train stations i travel from i believe could be employable. They simply need a dose of motivation to exit the hustle artist life.They can also be disruptive and frighten passengers. Last two trips from Seattle there was no evidence...
  11. Sauve850

    Increased Security Presence on Trains

    Ive encountered them in Seattle and always WAS. I do talk to them. When I was in my 20's I had lost both parents and was down to my last $50 and had gas in my car. I solved the problem by not being too proud and built chain link fences for 6 cents a foot.1000 feet a day. I did not have a roof...
  12. Sauve850

    New National Menu February, 2020

    Good, we are back to menu. I too have enjoyed the French Toast in the past.
  13. Sauve850

    Odors on lower level of superliners?

    I have experienced odors from various sources over my many years of travel. Never has happened often and its usually for a short period of time. Im always in a sleeper.
  14. Sauve850

    Rail Pass: LA to Seattle coast starlight, etc.

    Good luck and have a great trip. I sure couldn't do coach though.
  15. Sauve850

    Customer Service Phone number to request refund

    My best responses have been thru phone calls. Ive had the 12 hr late trains and no a/c in the Viewliner bedroom which I refused to ride in, etc. Best Ive gotten has been a voucher that was a reasonable figure and flown home from WAS to Florida within a few hrs for the Viewliner issue. Never...
  16. Sauve850

    CZ - Are there highlights I would miss by going Emery-Chi because of Dark?

    My trips have mostly been late August early September and a March westbound trip to enjoy the snow. There is so much to see that you cant really go wrong in either direction. Have done both ways several times. Even if eastbound is a bit late and darkness sets its spectacular coming down the...
  17. Sauve850

    10-20+% accommodation fare increase?

    Last year I rode the EB bedroom from Sea to Chi on points around end of August. Dont remember points but was very reasonable and outright fare was like $900 or close. I booked in Jan 2019 as I remember. This year I cant take the EB but did look at fares about two months or so ago. A bedroom at...
  18. Sauve850

    Amtrak teases upgraded bedding/amenities for sleeping cars

    Me too. I like a lot of pillows and being able to prop up and look out the window late at night for a while.
  19. Sauve850

    Amtrak teases upgraded bedding/amenities for sleeping cars

    I have learned to always tell the SCA which way I want the bed made up. And Ive finally gotten pretty decent at putting on the two blankets I request on an already made up bed.
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