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    NY Times: Anderson out, William Flynn in

    William J. Flynn will become Amtrak’s next Chief Executive Officer and President on April 15, 2020.
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    Viewliner II Part 2: Dining Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    More like conversions from the current as delivered table service ‘diners’ to self service grab-n-go pay the attendant ‘market’ concepts. It’s certainly possible that this concept could be used in the amfleet replacement food service cars, and is said to be how the new Acela cafes will be, more...
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    Viewliner II Status. Just the Facts.

    VII Scorecard Bags: 61000-61042: In service 61043: Beech Grove(wreck damage) 61044-61069: In service Sleepers: 62500: CAF 62501: CAF 62502: Hialeah 62503: Hialeah 62504: Hialeah 62505: Hialeah 62506: CAF 62507: CAF 62508: CAF 62509: CAF 62510: CAF 62511: CAF 62512: CAF 62513: CAF 62514: CAF...
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    Share a Coke with...Amtrak

    ACS-64 #606 has been wrapped, and will be through the holiday season, sporting a big polar bear and “Share the Magic on Amtrak” - launching the new contract with Coke.
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    Viewliner II Part 3: Bag/Dorm Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    Deploying soon to crescents, and then cardinals.
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    Share a Coke with...Amtrak

    Coke/Diet, Sprite, Seagrams, Dasani Sparkling, Powerade, Minute Maid, Gold Peak, & adult grape juices Barefoot and Line39 all before Thanksgiving, nationwide. There will be state-supported exceptions.
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    Share a Coke with...Amtrak

    Goodbye Pepsi Co., hello Coke. All of the beverages will be changing from the Pepsi family to the Coke family of products. That’s not all, the adult grape juice will also be refreshed. New offerings to wash down those fabulous flexible meals or whatever you choose from the AmCafe!
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    Regional Business Class Seat Assignments Rolling Out 10/14/19

    Bingo. While bookings can be made starting soon, the actual physical rollout onboard trains isn’t until well after the busy holiday season. Pretty smart actually as January and February are two of the quietest months and are a perfect time to roll out changes with the least amount of disruption...
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    LSL checked baggage to and from Boston

    Twice within a week the sleeper in Boston for 449 has been unavailable. Fortunately both times a third sleeper was put on in New York so at least those booked BOS-CHI had their sleeper rooms ALB-CHI.
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    Amtrak launching nonstop NYC-DC Acela (suspended 3/10-5/26)

    Agree, people say they are taking the Acela, or taking Amtrak. I see it as a positive change simply being Acela. Rarely do I hear someone say they are taking the “North East Regional”. Now if North East Regional changed to something more appealing such as Metroliner, then we’d really be getting...
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    Amtrak launching nonstop NYC-DC Acela (suspended 3/10-5/26)

    Looks like the ‘Express’ branding has started to be removed, likely to avoid confusion with the nonstops. Acelas are now simply “Acela” or “Acela Nonstop”. Gone is “Acela Express”, which I believe has been used back since the days of “Acela Regional”.
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    Vermonter Service Disruption September 10-12

    1. Crews are no longer qualified on those physical characteristics. 2. That routing requires the consists be set up for push-pull operation. Neither of which are worth the money, time, or effort for a couple of days.
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    Sen. Blumenthal demands Amtrak to reinstate veteran discount

    Press Release DISCOUNT FOR MILITARY VETERANS NOW AVAILABLE FOR TRAVEL ON AMTRAK Amtrak is offering customers who have served in the U.S. armed forces a new way to save on rail travel. A 10% discount for military veterans is now available for customers who have served in the Army, Marines...
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    Viewliner II Part 2: Dining Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    Correct. En route to axel count duty. #5 is just their deadhead to duty.
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    Shortest/Cheapest rides in Amtrak

    Between New Haven Union Station and New Haven State Street: $1
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    Sen. Blumenthal demands Amtrak to reinstate veteran discount

    Good news on this front. A new Military Veteran discount very soon.
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    Viewliner II Part 2: Dining Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    Likely related to UP’s axel count requirements and the need for axels out west on state supported services. Sad!
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    Viewliner II Part 4: Sleeping Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    98(15) had a deadhead Viewliner I sleeper Upfront, the Amfleets, the revenue Viewliner II diner, three revenue Viewliner I sleepers, a Viewliner II dorm for employee testing, the Viewliner II bag, and a deadhead viewliner II diner on the rear.
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    Booking Amtrak tickets with Amtrak credit card sends me to fraud dept

    Hate to burst you bubble, but pretty much everywhere you use your credit card has some of your credit card info on file. Hypothetical: today you make a reservation(wherever, airline, hotel, etc.) for next June 2020. You don’t touch it until May 2020 when you decide you want to cancel and receive...
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