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  1. CCC1007

    Probably dumb question about placement of engine

    As long as the train is in a standard configuration, yes the locomotive is on the front when outbound from LAUPT.
  2. CCC1007

    Probably dumb question about placement of engine

    If you are facing the locomotive, sit on the right hand side of the car. North of LA, sit on the left side of the car.
  3. CCC1007

    Amtrak should have an overnight LA-Bay Area train

    So from what I can see, the sidings of marcel and walong were connected, but walong hasn’t been connected to woodford with double track yet.
  4. CCC1007

    Unsold sleepers

    Up until a few years ago, they were sold onboard at a deep discount, and that was very useful.
  5. CCC1007

    Observation car on 48 tonight (11/1)

    The other option I can think of for this case would be 10001 Beech Grove, the wreck rebuild that was set up as an office car, made out of an amfleet car.
  6. CCC1007

    Current consist of 48/49?

    I wasn’t aware that Amtrak had any droids in service...
  7. CCC1007

    Which Direction? (traveling on western trains)

    It does, though the area south of SLO is the only portion that has open pacific ocean running. Since the Santa Barbara to San Louis Obispo section is about 3 hours, and there are sections of ocean running south of Santa Barbara, there are more than 3 hours of pacific ocean views.
  8. CCC1007

    Which Direction? (traveling on western trains)

    The bay area waterline running isn't the ocean, it is along some of the bays in the area.
  9. CCC1007

    Last printed system timetable

    Like this?'>
  10. CCC1007

    Service disruption on 21 today (10/24) in Texas

    They could be put on a bus to make the connection...
  11. CCC1007

    Dear Mr Anderson

    At this time, it may be useful to have some images to help with the concept that trains can't get to sunnyside without being looped. While I know that the diagrams I am showing may not be up to date, the general layout hasn't changed, as far as I know, for many years. The first is the diagram of...
  12. CCC1007

    Dear Mr Anderson

    Not to mention that the servicing of the sets in NYC at sunnyside yard necessitates that the train take a loop to enter the yard or cross all inbound traffic also makes it hard to keep the first class car on a specific end of the train.
  13. CCC1007

    Cross country - Sacramento, CA to Brunswick, ME!

    It could also be signs of mine sites that may have been there.
  14. CCC1007

    Galesburg to Springfield connection not working?

    Since Amtrak manually enters all connections, there are times when the desired connection isn’t going to have been loaded. I would suggest calling the 1-800 number to ask if it can be added for you.
  15. CCC1007

    Westbound single-levels deadheading on the Builder

    There were enough to fill in for a single set of talgo cars. There probably aren’t enough to add two round trips from Seattle to Portland for the holidays.
  16. CCC1007

    Glacier National Park, and nearby towns (Whitefish, Essex, East Glacier, West Glacier)

    I may be biased here, having lived in the flathead valley before, but I would say that the shoulder season for tourists is a great time in the valley, as the locals are less stressed by visiting throngs at that time.
  17. CCC1007

    Westbound single-levels deadheading on the Builder

    Do we know the spare count of superliners on the west coast?
  18. CCC1007

    Boarding 69 from lower level at NYP

    I would say, and you might have thought this as well, that the actual percentage is closer to opposite direction.
  19. CCC1007

    NEC 66 or 166

    Since two people will be traveling, there isn’t really any worry as to getting seated together, as far as I know. Other members of this forum may have more information than I would at this time. Have a great trip no matter which train you choose.
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