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  1. NW cannonball

    Long Distance Train Coach & Sleeper Fares (Buckets)

    I'd love to see this data for the Empire Builder
  2. NW cannonball

    I can see (name of train) from my window/porch/etc.

    I can't see the BNSF secondary main at "Saint Anthony" from my house. But can and do walk to the road bridge over the tracks there day and night, and sometimes just to watch #7 20 minutes west from SPUD at 22:40 if on time westbound. I also hear the "two toots" about 22:45 when #7 sometimes...
  3. NW cannonball

    Overpowered short consists

    About the Builder #7. 3 observations last week. Not overpowered, but cut back. Observed from about 7mi west of MSP (SPUD) Not April 1, but alternating days 3 total previous week, consist is 2Motors - P42, : Transition Dorm or SL sleeper (could only see lighted upper-deck windows of empty...
  4. NW cannonball

    Westbound #7 at SPUD way less dwell time last few weeks

    Most of the summer up to now the west bound Builder has sat at SPUD for at least 20 minutes or 30 or more. Now, last few weeks # 7 arrives and departs in 10-15 minutes, not the 20-30 minutes. #7 still has the unusual consist with not only 2 Seattle sleepers and 2 Seattle coaches, but also 2...
  5. NW cannonball

    Trip east CHI to WAS on the Card

    Have you considered? "not worried about delays" Actually staying at one of the Cardinal's stops and catching the next eastbound? 48 hours later? I've been thinking of doing that. I have no clue what's there at the many stops but I want to see some of those places. Any advice from anyone? about...
  6. NW cannonball

    New Roomette Fare Policy?

    I totally doubt that Amtrak has implemented per-seat or per-roomette price discrimination. Could be desired by current management, but not likely to work with Amtrak ancient IT system. Strongly suggest recheck on-line price, then call again. Get another rep. Ask "supervisor" Consider strong...
  7. NW cannonball

    MSP - that's Saint Paul and Minneapolis

    The area near Saint Paul Union Depot is changing rapidly. Hyatt Place new, nearby live theatres gone, food and drink places changing, a quarter city block across the street from the Amtrak ticketing being rebuilt with something newer and bigger and taller. But the general scene is good -- the...
  8. NW cannonball

    Minot, ND

    Minot is one place I'd like to spend a day in on the #7 route. Been through there many many times on the EB. The general impression I have, is that Minot is culturally advanced with good schools, libraries, a museum or 2, a festival or 2, yeah, comedy -- way out in the cold cold north on the...
  9. NW cannonball

    Tamales on Surfliner Cafe menu

    I'd gladly pay $4 on the train for a good tamale. La Loma in Minneapolis (good in my limited experience) price is $2.65 each fresh and hot or $10 / 6 frozen. Far from the southern border here, way closer to Canada, But a good tamale is a good tamale, eh? The cheapest good one I've got was, I...
  10. NW cannonball

    The Boeing MAX 8 Accidents

    I don't fear Sun Country 737's but they are older. If you want to see how old the basic 737 design is -- google "Boeing 737 trim wheels" or similar. The "Max" still has the semiautomatic hand-crank trim wheels and a procedure to nose-up -- nose-down the plane when those trim wheels get stuck...
  11. NW cannonball

    New York Route Help Please

    What train you expect to arrive on at what time? All previous responses agree with my experience. No fear taking subway to ferry to Staten Island. Possibly crowding with luggage during evening rush hour on the subway, later -- no worries. Never been to Staten Island, but took the ferry round...
  12. NW cannonball

    Following Anniversary Engine #130

    Departed MSP on time 10 May 22:20 leading #7
  13. NW cannonball

    Long trip on coach with kids?

    My daughter, and later one of her friends, have recently traveled coach MSP-SEA and CHI-SEA and return with breast-fed near 6-month-olds. Few problems, mostly good trips, about 36 hours each way. The story is that my then 6-month granddaughter's first solid food was a slice of mom's steak in...
  14. NW cannonball

    Long trip on coach with kids?

    In any case there are changing tables in the coach restrooms. Beware of rough track and ensure the infant is secure on the table, cause falling to the floor is not so good.
  15. NW cannonball

    Cyclist Ignores Flagger, Hit by Cascades Train

    I wonder about the bicyclist? The news stories are, like news stories always are, about stirring up Fear, Uncertainty, and Dread -- to sell ads of course. Whatever happened, we'll never know. Maybe the local people may know a bit, but they won't tell. Suicide? Stupidity? I dunno, I've been an...
  16. NW cannonball

    Pacific Surfliner recommendations

    4 years ago I rode LA to SLO business class. It was OK, don't know if it was worth the extra dollars, But, it was a great trip. Some surfer in the lounge showed me and somebody's kid  the humpback whale and the whale's  kid. You can see that from coach, BC, whatever, if you lucky.
  17. NW cannonball

    Former Amtrak CEO Joe Boardman Dies at Age 70

    I think Joe B did a pretty good job, considering. In pace requiescat . Et jaceat terram leviter in eum.
  18. NW cannonball

    Amtrak moving forward to stop all, most LDT

    Yup. Who can say what's a pleasure ride or a gotta get to work because I can't get fired ride. In Mumbai? Manhattan? Fargo? Chevy Chase? If the peasants can revolt, ?? ????
  19. NW cannonball

    Pacific Parlor Car

    Don't know how or why or where you see the PPC on the consist. Any link? Me,  I rode the Starlight a few years back in Coach.  Slept on the floor in the Coach-Bag -- a good deal. But by morning there was a half dozen of us coach pax sleeping on the floor of the coach-bag. There's been a lot of...
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