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    Sumitomo/Siemens Contract for 137 Cars (former bi-levels)

    The viaggo cars will have steps for low level platforms. The get Alfredo this in Europe.
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    CZ has been affected by the virus

    There is already a thread with a link to Amtrak making this official. MODERATOR NOTE: a second thread was merged into this thread
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    CZ has been affected by the virus

    I saw a post on Facebook that stated service was canceled between Reno and Denver. This not an official Amtrak source. It was noted that at least one Amtrak employee Had caught the virus.
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    By Train into the Wilds.......

    I did that trip in summer of 94. Great memories.
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    That looks like bow I would be feeling if the line extended into the next car . . .
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    Sumitomo/Siemens Contract for 137 Cars (former bi-levels)

    Would the bolt on noises address crash protection concerns of engineers who have to operate them?
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    Amtrak axle count discussion

    I enjoyed this thread. Never really understood how this worked. My question: Do the signals use the same system to determine if a train is operating within a block? If so, why does the axle room apply only to situations involving grade crossings?
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    Unusual Fare System on Empire Builder

    The 27/28 sleeper is in the rear, several cars back from the diner. But in someways it’s better with the rail fan window and the view of the train going around curves.
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    I can see (name of train) from my window/porch/etc.

    I live by the Palos Park Metra station. I can see the trains from the living room and kitchen windows.
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    General consist question for NE Corridor, late 1970s

    In 1976 diners were steam heated. The amfleet equipment used electric HEP from the engine. At that point in time it would be highly unlikely for amfleet cars to be mixed with steam heated coaches, sleepers, lounges and diners. in the following years Amtrak converted the steam heated cars...
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    How and when does Amtrak decide to add cars to a route?

    The consists tend to change seasonally. I don’t know the exact numbers for each route but I do know that in the summer they add a sleeping car and at least one coach to the California Zephyr. I assume it’s similar for the chief. The empire builder usually had one Portland sleeper year...
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    People will steal your stuff on amtrak right in front of you.

    I wasn’t thinking about pocket knives. I was thinking more like the kind that could be used as weapons. Certainly did not mean to offend anyone.
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    People will steal your stuff on amtrak right in front of you.

    The OP’s post is helpful. There is not a lot Amtrak can do if someone can not identify the thief. I’ve had sleeping car attendants warn me to put electronics out of sight when I leave my roomette. So theft is a possibility ant place the train. With regards to knives and other weapons maybe...
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    Sumitomo/Siemens Contract for 137 Cars (former bi-levels)

    Thank you Jishnu for the clarification.
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    Indy-FL trip (how would you do it if you were me?)

    Great. I am glad you are aware of the changes. I suggest doing the option where you spend a night in Washington, D.C. that eliminates bus rides.
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    Sumitomo/Siemens Contract for 137 Cars (former bi-levels)

    To expand on Jishnu’s no, these cars were ordered by California, Illinois, Michigan, and iirc Wisconsin added a few cars to the order for the Hiawatha Service. There are a few superliner coaches in California that could be available. There will be a surplus of amfleet and horizon cars after...
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    Indy-FL trip (how would you do it if you were me?)

    All of the trains that you are considering have extremely limited dining car service. Check out the menus and the threads about the new dining car service. The meal choices will be repetitive and poor quality imho. As much as I like trains i would consider flying on this particular trip.
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    Sumitomo/Siemens Contract for 137 Cars (former bi-levels)

    hopefully Illinois gets some this year too.
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    LSL Service Change Soon & Connection Options to #421

    Car 2900 is next to the diner iirc. I just checked and 49 is operating nyp to chi. 449 is canceled between bos and alb. If you want a better connection you could take a regional to nyp and catch 49 out of nyp.
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    Observation Car seat etiquette

    Depends somewhat on how full the train is and what route you are on and where the train is along that route. On the CZ and Coast Starlight during the scenic segments the crew makes announcements about passengers taking turns in the observation car. imho if it’s not a busy time a year and...
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