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    NY Times: Anderson out, William Flynn in

    According to Coscia in the Wall Street Journal, Flynn is expected to serve as CEO for at least five years.
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    Gateway Project/NYP Capacity Improvement

    According to the New York Times, Amtrak has abandoned hope of Gateway being constructed before the existing tubes fail, and is planning at least $100 million in major repairs in the near future. They hope to avoid closing a tunnel completely, but service disruptions seem likely, at least to...
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    Increased Security Presence on Trains

    They have the same authority as any other municipal or state police force, so I would assume that likewise they are all armed.
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    New National Menu February, 2020

    It could also refer to the roll served on the side, seeing as there is no separate file for it.
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    Huge News from Virginia

    About all China is doing is putting a cap on foreign imports, of 300 million tons. Their total coal consumption has increased the past few years, and is expected to continue rising next year. That said, the the majority of the imports are from southeast Asia, and the vast majority of their...
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    Empire Corridor/Lake Shore Limited Proposals

    My LSL pipe dream has always been a second frequency via Michigan, timed to run roughly the schedule of 353 westbound and 352 eastbound, and in doing so making an effective schedule from NYC to both Ohio and Michigan, while leaving the LSL to serve upstate New York and Chicago connections. You...
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    The Boeing MAX 8 Accidents

    I have read that in any case Boeing destroyed the tooling used on the 757 production line after the last aircraft was delivered (although I am not sure that the company ever confirmed it), so it's kind of a moot point in general vis a vis the 737 MAX.
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    Why trains instead of planes for long distance?

    When I flew out of Logan Airport a couple months ago, I was through security in less than ten minutes, without any airline priority (based on status or onboard class) or TSA precheck/CLEAR. It probably would have been a bit longer a few hours earlier at the height of the morning rush, but I...
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    Anderson on NPR

    That is not, for those who don't click through to the article, a quote from Anderson. Actually, what was interesting to me was that he said his ideal model was kind of the opposite of the "sleeper lounge" idea, which seems to me to imply that they are still trying to work out the equipment...
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    I haven't visited too many national parks, but I seem to remember signage indicating the food service was contracted out to a private third party.
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    Share a Coke with...Amtrak

    They have updated the menus online. The NEC menu says it offers both sweetened and unsweetened iced tea. The national menu doesn't specify, but does price it $0.50 less. And the flexible dining menu says unsweetened only. So who knows.
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    If Amtrak brass was hellbent on killing long distance trains, all they have to legally do is issue a discontinuance notice effective in 180 days. They fact that they haven't done so seems to me to indicate that their plans are at least somewhat less simplistic than a simple "long distance...
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    pros and cons of being a Amtrak Engineer or Conductor

    As I recall, that which survived, in the end...didn't.
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    Auto Train delays

    You don't even need the app; when I flew United a couple months ago they texted me when it was time to check in, two hours ahead of departure with the gate, when boarding started, and upon landing with the arrival gate and the baggage claim location.
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    Drug Testing

    Last winter I lived in an apartment with several people who smoked copious amounts of marijuana. I certainly breathed plenty of secondhand smoke, and passed the one urine drug test I was administered by my employer.
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    The Boeing MAX 8 Accidents

    Why Is This Airplane Still Flying?’ The FAA Missteps That Kept Boeing’s MAX Aloft, from the Wall Street Journal.
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    Rail Passenger Assocation Dues Increased

    Oddly enough, neither has my income...
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    They appear to be Denver Egg Bites. Actually, judging by the URL, the Acela got a new first class menu yesterday, while still has one from May.
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    Amtrak Quietly Closing San Francisco Ticket Office eff Oct 28th

    There was an agent (might have been two), but since you scan your own boarding pass there isn't really any reason for any interaction.
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    Amtrak Quietly Closing San Francisco Ticket Office eff Oct 28th

    They have very few agents, really. A couple (or fewer) at a bag drop, and a roving agent for people who need help with check in/bag tag kiosks is all I ever see these days. When I flew out of Logan last month, I said "thank you" to the person who grabbed my checked bag, and that was the only...
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