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  1. Rover

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion
  2. Rover

    2019-2020 Winter Weather Delays / Reroutings / Cancellations

    Snowstorms in the Sierra Nevadas..
  3. Rover

    NY Times: Anderson out, William Flynn in

    Once again, if Amtrak devolves into mainly NEC service, I will be pressing my Texas Congressmen & women, to not use my tax dollars to fund that. Fund yourself NEC.
  4. Rover

    Amtrak Track Your Train not working

    Please give the browser and operating system you are using that is working for you.
  5. Rover

    Amtrak Track Your Train not working

    From Twitter: Amtrak sent you a Direct Message. Hello, we apologize for the inconvenience that this is causing. In the past we have noticed that our features and tools work better on chrome. We hope that works for you, if you were to have any other questions or concerns do not hesitate...
  6. Rover

    Amtrak Track Your Train not working

    Not working through Firefox Browser / Windows 8.1
  7. Rover

    Amtrak Track Your Train not working

    From Amtrak Twitter 1:52pm Sat. Nov. 15 Hi, Thank you for reaching out to us regarding the Track-A-Train feature on our website. We are aware of the issue and our development team is addressing this. We appreciate your continued patience as we work to get this feature up and running.
  8. Rover

    Amtrak Track Your Train not working

    I just left a message about this on the Amtrak Twitter Message function.
  9. Rover

    Amtrak Track Your Train not working

    I upgraded to the latest Firefox 73.0 (64-bit) today. I specifically allowed pop-ups for the Amtrak site. I have my Ad Blocker Plus turned off for the Amtrak site. Yet, all I get is the US map with no train information, ie no "arrows." There's a shield icon to the left of the Firefox address...
  10. Rover

    Nostalgia Not in Amtrak’s Future

    Nostalgia Not in Amtrak’s Future Amtrak Senior Executive Vice President Stephen Gardner
  11. Rover

    High Speed Rail in China

    Spiral rail for high-speed train in SW China's Guizhou province.
  12. Rover

    Amtrak Track Your Train not working

    I use a Firefox browser (Version 72.0.2 (64 bit), on a Windows 8.1 laptop. When I go to It pulls up the USA Map with the routes indicated with a red line, but it doesn't reveal any trains in route. My first response was two refresh the screen. But...
  13. Rover

    Tahoetopia Webcams - Truckee - Cailfornia Zephyr - Lake Tahoe

    I hadn't noticed this before, but the Downtown Truckee Webcam, that was upgraded to show different views, has an option to see Time-Lapse video going back the last 7 days, from these views: East Train Crossing West Downtown I just wish I knew how to slow down the time lapse video. Even a...
  14. Rover

    Coast Starlight first time questions?

    Here's a YouTube video uploaded the other day by Paul Lucas, that's good at explaining what to expect with a roomette on the Coast Starlight. Hope you enjoy it.
  15. Rover

    Why does a trespasser Incident take so long?

    :rolleyes: Well now, I'm not saying we should become the China Govt., or become fascist, just to get the trains to run on time.
  16. Rover

    Why does a trespasser Incident take so long?

    I would ask, for comparison, how do they handle trespasser incidents in other parts of the world, in Europe, in China?? Maybe we could learn something.
  17. Rover

    "New Directions in Modern Railroading" Film

    WARNING ... Dramatic Music used throughout the film.
  18. Rover

    Anderson on NPR

    If the cut all Amtrak LD routes, why would I encourage my Texas tax dollars and my Texas Reps. to even vote to fund Amtrak's existence?? So the people of the NE can have their rail links supported?? I don't think so.
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