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    Amtrak Cascades, Maple Leaf, Adirondack & Via Shutdown

    I've heard about the VIARail shut down but I don't have the details. I believe that track which Cascades used is owned by BNSF. I'm not sure if it goes all the way to Vancouver station or not.
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    RailFanning (Amtrak) Ideas in SoCal?

    I recommend to ride to SLO due to ocean view from top of the bluffs. Also the tracks go through Vandenberg AFB. You'll see some launch pads in a distance. Plus springtime is prime season for poppyseed blooming!
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    Luggage question

    I would recommend to have your large suitcases which you don't need during your train ride to check in. It avoid the hassles and some spaces are limited. I believe your train set is Superliner and there is a baggage reach downstairs. If your train is single level, there is a cubby hole...
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    Reserved coach seating

    Yes, the seat are reserved but is not assigned until on board. It depends on how the coach attendants assigned them, usually based on the station stops (esp. at night). They should have a passenger manifest so that they can keep track on how many people are seated together. They are...
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    AEM7 Retirement

    Darn! Got an "F" on spelling! It should be Catenary.
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    AEM7 Retirement

    Testing the Caltrain canary?
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    Manager of Valley's San Joaquin trains may ditch Amtrak as operator

    Can you give me a source about buying a ticket to ride Ambus without using rail ticket? I've been using a loophole for a while- buy bus on first segment and then rail on second segment to avoid cancellation.
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    AMTRAK and Real IDs

    When I used to live in New Mexico, everyone are talking about MVD with snail speed. You'll have to bring 2 billings/paycheck to show proof of residence, notarized birth certificate, social security card, and a filled out application. A lot of them weren't prepared for that. Plus MVD (same...
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    Found - An Old Pan Am Terminal Building

    Are those Clippers were used flying between Port of Miami and Bahamas by Chalk's Airlines? I've seen that type of airplane, either in Miami or Bimini Island. It was pretty cool to watch the plane landing and take off.
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    Dive Boat Conception Fire off Santa Cruz Island - Many Missing

    Crew dorm is where the captain bridge is which is on top of boat. Passengers are in the bow area. I've been on boat similar to it while on scuba diving trip before. I don't remember on how many entries are there. One is in gallery for sure. I'm not adding more details to it because it's...
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    Amenity kit on LSL and CL?

    If you love that liquid soap, just pump it in your own container for free!
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    Amenity kit on LSL and CL?

    Maybe the hotels are working towards reducing plastic footprint.
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    Tamales on Surfliner Cafe menu

    One of my coworker"s wife makes tamales -sweet, pork, and chicken, few times this summer and sells to co workers and me. I think it's $8 for half dozen. Sweet tamale is a little too sweet for my taste but I like red pork. Local Mexicans make tamales during Christmas season.
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    What it's like to work for Amtrak

    Does the conductor have to be in locomotive with engineer during restricted speed?
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    All About the Portland MAX (and associated Transit)

    There is one in Los Angeles. It's the Orange Line. It's extremely popular. It may be changed the passenger count once the subway construction is completed in near future
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    favorite scenery on Amtrak usually passed through night,that you saw day due hours long train delay?

    I agree that Utah is bland- very little historical value to explore. Cities are very modern due to explosive population growth.
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    New Member Info Requested (re Santa Fe, NM)

    That's good for the community to involve with. I used Lamy as one of my home stations during my time in NM.
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    Texas Eagle/Sunset Limited El Paso Burrito Lady

    That photo showed a long line waiting to buy from her!
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    Texas Eagle/Sunset Limited El Paso Burrito Lady

    I've seen a lot of Hispanics wear hoodies to keep out of sun such as arms, neck, head, etc. Think of Middle East where sun is really intense.
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    New Member Info Requested (re Santa Fe, NM)

    Thanks FunNut! I used to live in eastern NM so I've taken all three stations- ABQ, Lamy, and Las Vegas. I would use ABQ if I'm taking Amtrak one way and fly other way. Both Lamy and Las Vegas and their own surrounding areas are very fascinating to explore. ABQ is meh.
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