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  1. trainman74

    Use this thread for member questions about s/w upgrade please.

    Not that I need these summaries of each individual forum, but the teal text on a translucent black background is very hard to read.
  2. trainman74

    Statutary Funding for NJT in NJ State Constitution under consideration

    Seems like it's a little shortsighted to put a specific dollar amount in the constitution. What about inflation, or unforeseen future needs? (I'm sure the official answer is that the legislature is free to allocate supplemental funding above the constitutionally mandated level, but how likely is...
  3. trainman74

    Pittsburgh PA

    It should also be noted that the light rail is free within the downtown/North Shore area (thanks to the longtime "pay when you enter inbound, pay when you leave outbound" fare collection method).
  4. trainman74

    A Very California February: SF to Disneyland

    Ha, I've been to every brewery you mentioned. (Including a couple years ago, when some friends and I took the Surfliner to Carpinteria for my birthday.)
  5. trainman74

    Rare Milage in LA, then LAX-DAL 2/5/2020

    It's all worth it for Philippe's pickled pigs feet. (Not really.)
  6. trainman74

    Rare Milage in LA, then LAX-DAL 2/5/2020

    Nice! I once got to go to Long Beach for work... but I had to drive.
  7. trainman74

    Thoughts on the Adirondack (and more)

    They don't, but they run with push-pull equipment. On the occasions I've traveled between Van Nuys and points south, I intentionally choose a backward-facing seat when I get on the train, knowing it'll magically be a forward-facing seat upon departing L.A.
  8. trainman74

    Two Fall Trips

    Pete Seeger wrote it, actually (with help from the Book of Ecclesiastes).
  9. trainman74

    Pregnant on Amtrak

    I think "Zephyr" would have made for a better middle name. (I also like the "Justine" suggestion.)
  10. trainman74

    New Member Needs Help (remodeling hotel for railroad layover employees)

    Don't forget about blackout curtains -- with no gaps in the middle -- on the room windows!
  11. trainman74

    Los Angeles

    There is a free guided tour once a month: link here. I believe it's the second Sunday of each month -- they still have last year's dates listed. Looks like they do free guided tours on weekday mornings, if you email in advance to request a time: link here. They have free guided and...
  12. trainman74

    Someone didn't get the memo (Pepsi in Club Acela in WAS?)

    New Coke wasn't related to the switch to HFCS -- Coke had allowed bottlers to start producing regular Coca-Cola with a 50% HFCS blend beginning in 1980, and with 100% HFCS about six months before the New Coke introduction. (It's mentioned in this Snopes article, for example.)
  13. trainman74

    Happy Holidays - Union Station

    They absolutely do. There just aren't pictures of it in this thread. Among other things, they have a 40-foot tree in the patio. News article about some of the 2019 holiday festivities
  14. trainman74

    Interstate 405 rail line

    The median of the 405 has already been sacrificed (i.e., it's just a concrete barrier -- look at any part of the 405 on Google Street View). And I can't imagine any realistic scenario in which lanes are taken away.
  15. trainman74

    Burbank CA hotels

    Interesting, I would not have guessed that -- the Marriott seems farther away. (I worked for years in an office building along Empire, just southeast of the Marriott.)
  16. trainman74

    Burbank CA hotels

    Many Burbank hotels have an airport shuttle service -- the spot where they pick up is closer than 700 yards away, much of it through a covered walkway. I drew a quick-and-dirty red line and an "X" on a Google satellite view:
  17. trainman74

    Newark Airport Improvement Plans

    As it happens, my dad recently sent me this photo, which I believe he found in the New Jersey state archives. It's an aerial view of Newark Airport from -- well, Dad said it was 1944, but I think 1954 is closer to correct.
  18. trainman74

    Southwest Chief: Chicago to Los Angeles - October 2017

    I don't think we got near it. You can't see the Bowl itself from the street anyway. (When you were on the Hollywood Walk of Fame near the Chinese Theater, you weren't too far away.) Re the game show we tried out for: there's still been no sign of it actually getting produced.
  19. trainman74

    MSP - that's Saint Paul and Minneapolis

    Since I've long been a fan of "Peanuts," the last time I was in St. Paul, I made a special trip to see this building, at the corner of Selby and Snelling Avenues. Charles Schulz's father's barbershop was in this building, and the family lived in an apartment on the second floor. (The bar had...
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