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  1. John Bobinyec

    Solari Board at PHL

    Can anyone point me to the official law/regulation that governs railroad signage for passengers pursuant to ADA? One of the given reasons for removing the various solari boards was that a blind person needed to hear the information because they can't see it. I think the new signs which have...
  2. John Bobinyec

    Train 1003 of March 11

    The ski trains are already numbered 1005 and 1006. jb
  3. John Bobinyec

    More restrictive ticketing non refundable no changes coming March 1, 2020

    Here's a situation that happens to me sometimes. I've got a Value reservation on train 77 to Charlotte. Let's say things are so bad that it is known that 77 will probably be cancelled. Usually this is weather related. Suppose all this happens so that I could rebook on an earlier train, 75...
  4. John Bobinyec

    Station Status Boards - Wish List

    I even saw "KERSTONE" a minute ago, but I fixed it. jb
  5. John Bobinyec

    Station Status Boards - Wish List

    The CAPS issue has been fixed. jb
  6. John Bobinyec

    Station Status Boards - Wish List

    Someone has proposed a change that I'd like to have y'all consider. See Amtrak Station Status Boards . The last column Is "Revised Time" (choose the 'long' format for the Solari type board). This is simply calculated as the scheduled time adjusted by how late or early the train is currently...
  7. John Bobinyec

    2 #49's on 2/11

    A slight clarification. What you're seeing is due to a duplication emanating from Amtrak's Track-A-Train feature. It is picked up by But Amtrak Status Maps ( uses the Amtrak reservations system for its source, and does not show the duplication. jb
  8. John Bobinyec

    North East Corridor horn usage?

    NJ passed a law that requires the horn be sounded when the train is approaching a station. I seem to remember that this was the result of a fast moving train which was passing RFK's funeral train at Elizabeth, NJ, mowing down several people. jb
  9. John Bobinyec

    SW Chief to Disneyland Resort

    We're planning a trip from Chicago to the Disneyland Hotel at the Disneyland Resort. We're looking to avoid renting a car to get us from the train to the hotel. We'll be bringing a fair bit of luggage for a total of three people. What's the best way to get from the SW Chief to the Disneyland...
  10. John Bobinyec

    Parking Cary NC

    Yes, there is free long term parking and you do not need to get a parking pass from the agent. In April you should have no problem finding a spot. The only time parking gets really tight is at Thanksgiving. And finally, yes, it is safe and well lit. Enjoy your trip. jb Cary, NC
  11. John Bobinyec

    Checking Bag But Not Riding

    It's a little more complicated. I'd be taking 29 on Thanksgiving day. That means dropping the rental car off. But doing so at the station might be difficult if the rental agencies are closed. That would mean dropping the car off at the airport and then taking the Metro if it's running, or a...
  12. John Bobinyec

    Checking Bag But Not Riding

    No - I have to DRIVE from Cary, NC, to Washington, DC, as the first leg of the trip. The second and third legs are by train. jb
  13. John Bobinyec

    Checking Bag But Not Riding

    I'm planning a trip from Cary, NC, to Los Angeles, CA. If I could, I would take 92/29/3, but since there is no official connection between 92 and 29, I have to drive to DC. It would be much easier schlepping if I could check some luggage for the entirety of the trip, but do it so that it gets...
  14. John Bobinyec

    How much would it cost for Amtrak to build their own tracks nationwide?

    Since we're having a fun guessing game, I'd say you're low by two orders of magnitude. jb
  15. John Bobinyec

    Crescent Disruption

    So why does NS shut down the line between Atlanta and New Orleans 4 days a week in the winter for track work, but they don't seem to do that anywhere else that Amtrak runs? jb
  16. John Bobinyec

    Arrow Upgrades 1/12/2020

    This is a little more extensive than the normal Sunday maintenance because The downtime period is extended from 6 a.m. until 8 a.m., and They put up a special announcement when you call "Julie". jb
  17. John Bobinyec

    Arrow Upgrades 1/12/2020

    When you call "Julie" now you get an preliminary message stating that the reservations/status/ticketing/website systems (the whole shooting match) will be down on Sunday morning from 3 a.m. until 8 a.m. Keep your fingers crossed that it all comes back on time. jb
  18. John Bobinyec

    Crescent Disruption

    Yep. Annual track work. See here. jb
  19. John Bobinyec

    Safety Patrol Special For 2020?

    If those are the trains, it's interesting that they are running on the normal schedules. In years past, they always ran on a different schedule. jb
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