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    Nostalgia Not in Amtrak’s Future

    Gardner is right about the sweet spot. To make it work, you need frequency and reliability. His main problem outside the NEC and Michigan, he has no railroad. He mentions California, where infrastructure investments have been a success. Don't expect the Class 1's to pony up for Infrastructure...
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    How much would it cost for Amtrak to build their own tracks nationwide?

    Not to mention the capital requirements of maintaining such a system would be enormous. The NEC costs expanded across the entire network. As to construction, just look at the brickbats Amtrak endured for just studying the New London bypass. Never going to happen in the US.
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    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    Good point. The U.K. Equipment can run electric and then switch over to diesel on non electrified portions. Would they meet FRA crash standards though? Seem to run fine along with freight in the UK.
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    Celebrities & Politicians on Amtrak?

    Anthony Quinn on the Super Chief, still Santa Fe, not Amtrak.
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    Thinking of taking the Pennsylvanian to ride thru the curve

    Should work if 30 is on time. Be aware 42 will NOT be held at Pittsburgh if 30 falls behind.
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    Amtrak could add 2nd round-trip train between Harrisburg, Pittsburgh

    Thanks. Did not even know there was such a train. At an average of 30 passengers per day, believe that's the only study they need. Pesky mountain range west of Altoona always an issue.
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    Amtrak could add 2nd round-trip train between Harrisburg, Pittsburgh

    I am confused. The headline talks about Harrisburg, the article delves into an Altoona to Pittsburgh commuter service. Surely even PennDot could not justify a study of the latter.
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    Amtrak could add 2nd round-trip train between Harrisburg, Pittsburgh

    The big issue for this service has always been the lack of frequency. That said, NS has always done a good job keeping these trains on time. They will want capital in order to consider a second frequency. Traditionally money is always available for studies to join the rest on the shelf. The...
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    Adirondack Dome Car 2019

    There is a difference between the math not adding up and not liking the answer. GWR in the UK offers dining service on some scheduled trains between London and the west of England. The full streak dinner with appetizer and desert will cost you about $60. They get rave reviews on Trip Advisor...
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    You are absolutely right. The Century served Lobster Newberg right up to the last day. It was great. Even the lowly PRR President had a full diner out of New York in the morning and it would be full with a line by the Newark station stop. Those Pennsy crews knew how to turn tables with the...
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    Amtrak Corridor Expansion Laundry List

    Long before Walker, I watched this unfold. Wisconsin wanted a Chicago-MSP service via Madison. Minnesota wanted a service via Rochester. The original high speed route would have turned into the grand tour. SNCF had the right idea, if you want high speed to MSP it should be Chicago -Milwaukee -...
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    Amtrak Corridor Expansion Laundry List

    Ok, so nobody is impressed with Badger Bus 8 trips each way but 6 on the train is more than sufficient. I used to ride Badger the year I lived there and they were quite good. At the time, the promised to roll out another bus if the first was sold out. Probably not anymore. Is there really...
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    Amtrak Corridor Expansion Laundry List

    Looks like Badger Bus still runs a service every other hour or so between Milwaukee and Madison. Hard to justify a train that undoubtedly would provide less frequency.
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    NEC and Long Distance Trains

    The PRR would place a cut of corridor coaches ahead of the LD cars on most trains, except the Meteor and Champions, and cut them off at Washington along with the power which had to be changed anyway. Just make the cut behind the corridor cars instead of the power.
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    Any real effort to "restore" passenger train priority?

    Given the capital requirements of the NEC, the last thing on earth Amtrak wants is to own more track.
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    Sleeper Car has been removed from train #11 (6/17)

    Here is the service alert from Union Pacific
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    Chefs being removed off Capitol Limited

    Just did a round trip to New York this weekend, refurbished Amfleet both ways. Seats very nice. Also installed new water faucets in rest rooms which actually work instead of the former trickle type.
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    Food in and around PSNY

    The Tracks Lounge just to the east of the LIRR ticket windows. Long bar, fresh oysters, and clam chowder in a bread bowl if you like seafood.
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    Last Call for NYP Solari Board

    Big improvement on the track signs. You can actually see them over the mob.
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    Penn Station Food

    If you like seafood, the Tracks Bar on the LI level highly recommended. Also claims the longest bar in NY.
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