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    Memphis, TN

    I will be arriving in the Memphis Central Station and would like to be able to explore Memphis on foot without keeping track of my Onewheel. I see that baggage storage is listed here: Memphis, TN - Central Station (MEM) | Amtrak Does this mean I could leave my bag or Onewheel at no additional...
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    Boarding with a Onewheel

    I recently purchased a Onewheel and think it would be awesome to bring one on the train. However I know they ban hoverboards, presumably due to their batteries. Would I be allowed to bring a Onewheel as a carry on or checked item or would this be prohibited?
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    Is there a way to tell how full the coaches will be before arriving at the station?

    When taking a LD train I prefer to have access to my suitcase, but when the coach is full, one can't really pull it out to open and get something, so now I'm thinking it's better for me to check my luggage. Is there a way to determine before heading for the station how full the coach class will...